Forget The Love

A normal teenage girl trying to overcome her past and fears when she runs into a very famous group of boys!!Shelbey is 17 and is turning 18 soon, but only to have the worst and best present ever.


1. Why this?

"why is she doing this to me?" Shelbey asked herself after she slammed her bedroom door and plopped herself onto the bed.

First of all it was her birthday tomorrow and she was having to move to London, because of her stupid dads work! second of all her mum was practically screaming at her because she was packing and couldn't find her Miss Me jeans. she thought to the very unfair things that she was go through in a whirlpool in her head.She finally decided to get off her lazy butt and take a shower at least to wash away he mascara racing down her face along with the tears.This happens every day, she wakes up only to have  her mother screaming at her. She thought this was unfair. She was so deep in thought that she didn't realize that she was already in the shower and her um was telling her to hurry up, before she runs out of hot water! "ugghh" she sighed under her breath.

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