Pushing Through


5. Three Years Later

Olivia's POV
Three years later was magical and heartbreaking. Harry ended up being in a band called One Direction. I was so happy for him until his band had a book signing in the area I live in. I got there early so I wouldn't be stampeded by teenaged girls. My heart stopped when Harry looked at me. Nows my chance. "Hi Harry. This is a crazy question but do you remember me?" I asked hoping he would remember. "Erm.........No....." He said dragging his worlds. " My name is Olivia Price. We used to work in the same bakery. We." "Look, we don't have time for your lecture . Either give us something to sign or get out of here." One bandmate said. His name was Louis Tomlinson." Louis, don't be so rude. Maybe we can hang out and you can help me remember." Harry said smiling at me. " Harry! You don't have time to hang out with some girl that is making all this crap up! WE HAVE THINGS TO DO!!!" Louis yelled. I gave Harry my number and he gave me his. I walked away crying and figured out some thing-I don't like Louis at all.

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