Pushing Through


2. All New Life

Olivia's POV
I woke up the birds song and the rays of the sun wrapping around me like an extra cover. "Liv, time for work"my mum shouted. She went on non stop about my first day of work. My name is Olivia Price. I was born in Cheshire, Holmes Chapel, England. The same place as One Direction's Harry Styles. It all started when his mum and my mum met. Me and him were best friends since kindergarten. We also work in the same bakery. Some thing very strange happened today. Harry's mum came in pushing everyone out the way to see Harry. "Guess what I did, sweetie?" His mum said. (BTW his mums name is Anne) I was a bit worried. Usually when Anne comes in she greets me in a friendly way but this time she didn't greet me at all. "I SINGED YOU UP IN THE X FACTOR!! IT IS STARTING IN 3 HOURS. LETS GO GET YOU READY!!" Anne yelled. Everyone in the bakery cheered and applauded except me. You see, me and him are dating and he is an amazing singer.With the X Factor winning voice, he would make it for sure. If he made it, he would far away from me. "No." Harry said "What?! No you are going. I paid all the money just to make my baby famous. You are going!" Anne yelled. She was heartbroken. " I want to stay here with-" " No Harry. Go. It's the best and you are going to become a great celebrity. Win this for us." I said. Tears started to roll down my cheeks. Harry came to me and cuddled me tightly and whispered" I'll win this for us" After he said those five words he kissed me. Feeling the warmth of his lips and his hands wrapped around my waist was the best feeling in the world. When he let go, that feeling broke. Before her walked out the door, he mouthed "Goodbye. I love you." And that was the last time I ever saw him in person. I now have an all new life.

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