Before I Fall

Allie Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Liam had always been her rock, the person she always went to when she was feeling down. Her heart had been broken so many times that she was convinced she would never fall in love again. When her parents force her to go live with Liam and the rest of his bandmates what will happen when Allie becomes close with one of the boys? Will she fall for them?


9. You Asked For It

Over the next few days Harry and I got closer and closer and soon we were inseparable. Sure, I was good friends with the other boys but not like Harry. Where ever one was, the other was by their side. Liam finally gave up in trying to separate us when I explained to him that we are just friends and nothing more.




My eyes fluttered open and I was instantly blinded by the little sliver of light peaking through my curtains. I had only been awake for two seconds when my door opened and Harry rushed in and began jumping on my bed.


"Allieeeee." He sang.


I peaked out from under my covers and looked at him as he jumped. I picked up one of my pillows and began hitting him with it.


"Oh its going to be like that? A pillow fight?" He smirked, picking up one of my pillows.


"You stared this war. I am determined to end it." I grinned.


His pillow swung through the air and hit me on the shoulder. For the next few minutes pillows flew and feathers fell and finally Harry fell back on my bed in defeat. 


"Loser."I smirked.


"Well if I'm a loser that makes you a loser too." He told me.


"I guess we can be losers together then." I smiled.


"Alli- What happened in here?" 


We looked up and saw Liam standing in the doorway, his eyebrows raised. Harry and I looked at eachother and pointed at eachother.


"He started it."


"She started it."


Liam rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You two are such children."


"Oh you're just jealous because we're more fun than you." Harry smirked.


"Whatever you say Harry." Liam sighed.


He walked out of the room and I looked back at Harry.


"Well since I won that pillow fight you have to do something for me." I smiled.


"And what is that?" He asked.


"You have to do whatever I tell you to do for the next hour." I smirked.


He rolled his eyes. "Your wish is my command."


We stood up and I turned to him. "Give me a piggy back ride downstairs peasant."


"Are you sure you're not Louis's sister." He smirked.


"Oh shut up and give me a piggy back ride."I told him.


I got on his back and he walked out of my room and down the stairs.


"Too the kitchen." I told Harry.


When he passed the kitchen I raised my eyebrows. "Harold where the hell are you going? The kitchen was back there."


"I'm making a detour." He smirked.


I watched as he took me outside.


"Outside? What are we going to do outside?" I asked.


It was only moments later that I felt myself being flung through the air and finally water filled the space around me. As I sunk into the pool water filled my ears. When I popped back up I saw Harry laughing hysterically. 


"Y-you should have seen your face right before you hit the water." He laughed.


"I am going to kill you Styles." I groaned.


"Sure you are." He smirked.


I extended my hand. "At least help me out?" 


He sighed. "Fine."


He took my hand and instead of helping me out, I helped him in. Soon he too was drenched from head to toe in water. He popped up to the surface and splashed me.


"That was mean. I hate you." He groaned.


"You deserved it." I laughed.


We heard laughing behind us and turned and saw the boys standing there, their phones out.


"Liam James Payne I swear to god I will shave your eyebrows if you post that on twitter."I said, getting out of the pool.


"Its already done Al. Nothing you can do about it." He smirked.


"Yeah and theres nothing you can do about me posting that really embarrassing picture of you when you were 7 huh?" I smirked.


His smirk faded. "You wouldn't. You promised me that you would never speak of that picture again. You told me that you burned it."


"Its called crossing my fingers behind my back."I grinned.


"I hate you." He groaned.


"Oh would a hug make it better?" I asked, glancing down at my dripping pajamas.


His eyes widened. "You wouldn't."


"She would!" Harry called from the pool.


Before Liam could do anything I tackled him in a huge hug. 


"You asked for it Liam. Now you've got to pay the price." I grinned.


Although these boys may not be related to me by blood (Except for Liam), I still consider them my brothers. 





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