Before I Fall

Allie Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Liam had always been her rock, the person she always went to when she was feeling down. Her heart had been broken so many times that she was convinced she would never fall in love again. When her parents force her to go live with Liam and the rest of his bandmates what will happen when Allie becomes close with one of the boys? Will she fall for them?


15. They're All The Same


-Allie's POV-


I looked at the clock once more before before my eyes shifted back at the door.


"Allie, I'm sure he's fine. He's a big boy." Liam reassured me.


"Liam its 9:00! He's been gone all day and he's not answering any of our texts or calls!" I exclaimed.


Liam leaned his head back and sighed. Just as I was about to look at the clock again the door opened and the sound of laughter filled the house. I rushed into the foyer and saw Harry walk in, he wasn't alone though. He had a girl on his arm. Her face was caked in makeup and her hair was bleached. In other words, you could say she looked completely trashy.


"Harry what the hell?!" I said sternly.


"Oh hey Allieee." He slurred.


"Oh my god Harry you drunk?" I asked.


"Yeppp! This- this is Amanda." He said drunkenly.


The girl looked at him "Baby, my name is Ashley."


I glared at the girl.


"I think you should leave." I told her.


She looked at me with disgust. "Don't tell me what to do bitch."


"Yeah. Don't tell her what to do." Harry slurred.


Harry pushed past me and walked upstairs... well.. more like stumbled. I just watched as they stumbled up the stairs. Louis came out of the kitchen and saw them walking up the stairs.


"Now thats low. Thats just low. What the hell is wrong with him anyway?" Louis asked, turning to me.


I was silent for a moment as I watched them disappear down the hall. "He's an asshole. Thats whats wrong."


I walked up the stairs and into my room. I slammed the door behind me and locked it. I could feel the tears on my cheeks already. I threw myself onto my bed and covered myself with the covers.


"Allie?" I heard Liam's voice from outside my door.


"Go away Liam. Just go away." I cried.


"Allie talk to me. Is this because of Harry?" He asked.


Did he really just ask that?


"Liam I said go away." I shouted.


When there was no response back I had assumed that he had left. I can't believe I actually fell for it again. He told me that he wasn't like the other guys. That he could treat me better than all of them combined. Yeah, bullshit. You know what? Fuck Harry. Fuck his stupid perfect curls. Fuck is piercing green eyes. Fuck his charming smile. Fuck his adorable dimples. Fuck Harry. He's just like the rest of them. An asshole. A Liar. He plays with girls hearts and my heart was just another game he played. For hours I just laid there as tears fell. I cried about everything. That was when it call came out. Heartbreaks. Losses. Boyfriends. Friends. Family. Boys. What is love? A stupid excuse. Thats all it is. 


-The next morning-


My eyes slowly opened and they adjusted to my surroundings. I looked down at my pillow and noticed mascara marks all over it. I slowly slid out of bed and walked miserably into my bathroom. When I looked in the mirror, what stared back horrified me. Bloodshot eyes. Tear stained cheeks. Mascara everywhere. Dry, cracked lips. I stood there a moment looking at what had become of me. Its scary how someone can change so much over night. I took a wet towel and cleaned the tears and mascara off. I grabbed some lip balm and ran it across my lips a few times. Even then, I couldn't hide the feelings. Hurt. Betrayal. Heartbreak. It was all there. I quickly changed into a new outfit. I took one last look at myself before making my way downstairs. They were all sitting at the kitchen table nibbling at various foods. Well... minus one of course. I took a seat at the table but didn't touch any food.


"Hey you okay?" Liam asked me.


I nodded. I dared not make eye contact in fear of him seeing right through me. 


"Allie look at me." He said.


I didn't look up.


"Allie. Look. At. Me." Liam repeated, more sternly this time.


Finally when he didn't look up he put a finger under my chin and made me look at him. As soon as he saw my now gray, bloodshot eyes the look on his face changed.


"Tell me what happened." He said.


"Nothing happened." I mumbled.


"Damn it Allie. Stop lying to me." He said sternly.


I quickly thought of a lie. "I got a text from an ex boyfriend last night."


Liam looked at me for a moment. "And?"


"And he wants to get back together." I sighed.


He studied me for a moment. "What did you say."


"I said I'd think about it. But then that got me thinking about guys. How guys are just so fucking stupid. How they just play with girls hearts like its all a fucking game." I spat out.


They all looked at me in surprise. None of them said anything so I continued.


"They're all the same. Every single one of them. Love is just another game they play and I happen to be their game piece." I said to them. 


I stood up and pushed my chair in.


"I'm going out." I said simply.


"No you're not. Not until you explain this sudden theory of yours." Liam said, blocking my way.


"Liam move your fucking ass out of the way." I spat.


"No." He replied sternly.


I looked at him with cold eyes. "Fine then. I'll move you myself."


I swiftly lifted my knee and kicked him where it hurts. He hunched over in pain and I pushed him aside.


"Allie Elizabeth Payne if you go out that door there will be major consequences." Liam yelled after me.


"Shove it Liam! When are you going to realize that I don't give a fuck!" I called over my shoulder.


I walked into the entry way just as Harry was coming down the stairs. I looked at him coldly before flipping him off with both of my hands.


I stormed out the door and began to run. I had no idea where I was going but I just ran. After what felt like forever I found myself sitting on a bench in the park. I took out my phone and dialed a number. After a few rings they picked up.


"Allie? Hey. Look I'm so-"


"Can you come pick me up?" I asked, cutting him off.


"Yeah of course. Where are you?" He asked.


"South Bridge Park." I told him.


"I'll be right there." He said.


I don't care if he was a dick. I don't care if he's an asshole. All guys are. He's just someone to get my mind off things. Little does Harry know, two can play this game. About ten minutes later he pulled up in his black BMW. I stood up and he walked over to me.


"Allie." He said.


"Luke." I replied back.


"I'm sorry I was such a dick a few days ago. It was uncalled for." He told me.


I shook my head. "Don't care." I grabbed his face in my hands and kissed him hard. 


He immediately kissed back.


"What about that Harry kid?" He asked.


"Out with the trash I suppose." I told him before connecting our lips again.


He grinned. "I missed you baby."


"Lets go somewhere." I told him.


He took my hand and we walked to his car.


-Liam's POV-


I heard the door slam and I silently cursed to myself. Moments later Harry walked into the kitchen with a confused look on his face.


"Someone want to tell me why Allie just flipped me off and stormed out the door?" Harry muttered.


I glared at him. "All night last night she waited for you to come home. When you finally did, you walked in with this trashy looking girl."


"She also made it clear that she hates all guys and all guys are assholes." Louis pointed out.


Harry ran a hand through his hair. "Okay first of all, I barely even remember anything from last night. And second, why would she say that?"


"Apparently she got a text from an ex boyfriend." Niall told him. 


Harry held his head in his hands. "Shit."


Hours passed and there was still no sign of Allie. We tried calling her and texting her but there was no reply. It was around 10:00 pm by now and the boys and I were sitting up. I kept running a hand through my hair, hoping she would walk through the door any second now.


"This seems all to familiar." Louis sighed, glancing at Harry who was sulking.


"Yeah except this time its my little sister." I said. 


I heard the door open and I jumped out of my seat. I walked quickly into the foyer and saw Allie walk in, she wasn't alone though. 


"Liam, you remember Luke right?" She smiled.


I looked at her then at Luke.


"Allie what the hell is he doing here?" I spat.


"What the hell is he doing here?" Harry repeated, walking up being me. "I thought I told you to stay away from her!"


Luke wrapped his arm around her waist. "Yeah well I don't listen to curly haired gay boys."


"C'mon Luke. Lets go upstairs." Allie said, taking Luke's hand.


"Hes not going anywhere but out the door!" I yelled.


Allie turned around and looked at me. "You're not my dad."


"Hes not going anywhere with you." I spat.


"Oh fuck you Liam. If he can't stay with me here then I'm going with him. And if I do that theres no guarantee you'll see me until Christmas." She told me.


I just looked at her with disgust. "Is this really what you want to become? His little toy? You could actually find a nice guy out there who will treat you right."


She looked at me coldly. "Whats the difference? Like I said. They're all the same."


She took Luke's hand and they walked upstairs. As soon as I heard her door slam I felt my fist go though the wall. I took out my phone and dialed my parents number. After a few rings they picked up.


"Liam honey? Is everything alright?" I heard my mum's voice ask.


"No mum. You sent Allie here so she could fix her attitude? Well its been anything but fixed."



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