Before I Fall

Allie Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Liam had always been her rock, the person she always went to when she was feeling down. Her heart had been broken so many times that she was convinced she would never fall in love again. When her parents force her to go live with Liam and the rest of his bandmates what will happen when Allie becomes close with one of the boys? Will she fall for them?


10. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink


-Allie's POV-


"Allie! The lads and I are going to the store! Do you want to come?" Liam called from downstairs.


I stuck my head out of my room. "Yeah give me like two seconds!"


As I slipped on my white Converse Liam spoke. "Okay. One... Tw-"


I rushed out of my room. "Not literally you idiot."


Liam made a sad face and began to fake cry into Louis's shoulder.


"She called me an idiot." He whined to Louis.


"Liam you are such a baby. I swear." I laughed.


"I'm older than you Al." He smirked, pushing off his act.


"Age wise yes. Personality wise, no." I told him as we walked out of the house. 


"I'm more mature than you." He argued.


"Liam honey, mature is the word that fun people use for boring people. Trust me, you don't want to be mature." I smiled.


We got into the car and I took my seat next to Harry. 


"We should do something tonight." Zayn said.


"Like what?" Harry asked.


"We could go to a club." Niall suggested.


"No way. I'm not taking my sister to a club. She's underage anyway." Liam said.


"Whoa who died and made you dad? Liam, I can make choices for myself. If i want to go clubbing then I will. If you don't like it then I guess you can stay home and be mature. But I am going with the boys." I said.


"Allie, you are 17 years old. I am not letting my 17 year old sister go to a club where guys will be all over you. Drunk guys." He said seriously.


I rolled my eyes. "You say it like I don't know how to take care of myself. I know how to say no Liam. I'm stronger than you think. I've grown up since you last saw me." I told him.


We arrived at the store and Liam parked the car. He turned to the boys.


"Go inside. I'm going to talk to Allie." He said to the boys.


"Liam don't push her. If she wants to go then let her. I'll even stay with her the whole night so I can keep other guys away from her." Harry said.


"Harry go inside." Liam said sternly.


He sighed and followed the boys in. Liam turned back to me.


"Allie, for the last time. You can't go. Besides, you don't even have an ID." He said.


I took out my wallet and pulled out my fake ID.


"Like I said, I've grown up since you last saw me." I told him. "I will not let you tell me where I can go or who I can hang out with. I can take care of myself. If you can't accept that then fine. But please stop treating my like i'm 5 because I'm getting really tired of it. Let. It. Go." I said to him.


I walked into the store and walked up and down the aisles until I found Harry.


"What did he say?" He asked.


"I still can't go... but thats not going to stop me. You know, you don't have to stay by me the entire night." I told him.


"Allie I want to. If it means that Liam will let you go then I will." He smiled.


I hugged him. "You're the best best friend ever."


"I know I am." He grinned.


I hit his shoulder. "Its only okay when I say it."


"Quoting Mean Girls are we?" He smirked.


"You know whats even sadder than quoting Mean Girls?" I asked.


"What?" He asked.


"You knowing it was a quote from Mean Girls." I smirked.


"Um... Louis watches it a lot." He said.


"Sure. Louis. Louis watches Mean Girls. So if I go up to him he will know what 'on Wednesdays we wear pink' means?" I asked.


"Pshhh. Yeah." He said.


As if on que Louis walked down the aisle towards us.


"Hey Louis, on Wednesdays we wear pink." I told him.


He looked at me for a moment. "But I don't have any pink."


I turned to Harry. "So what were you saying about Louis watching Mean Girls all the time?" 


"Oh Harry, we both know that you love that movie." Louis smirked.


"I hate you. Both of you." Harry said flatly.


"Love you too Harry." I laughed.


Finally after we had gotten all the stuff we need we met Liam, Niall and Zayn at the checkout counter. As we were paying I picked up one of the magazines and began reading it. I was so focused on my magazine that I almost didn't notice someone saying my name. But it wasn't one of the boys saying my name.



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