Before I Fall

Allie Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Liam had always been her rock, the person she always went to when she was feeling down. Her heart had been broken so many times that she was convinced she would never fall in love again. When her parents force her to go live with Liam and the rest of his bandmates what will happen when Allie becomes close with one of the boys? Will she fall for them?


1. Introduction

 My name is Allie Elizabeth Payne. I am 17 years old and my older brother is the one and only Liam Payne. He and I used to be really close until he left for the X Factor the second time. He completely forgot about his family, sure he would visit on Christmas but only for a day. Before he left he was my rock, he was like my other half. I broke when he left. I have fallen in love many times and every single time I get m heart broken. I don't trust love anymore. Its just a silly game where I always loose. Well heres what i look like: I have long, thick, dark brown hair, cobalt blue eyes and dimples. People tell me I have the most amazing eyes ever... I guess so. I am 5'5" so I'm pretty short. Im really thin, I'm one of those people who can eat a ton and never get fat, I guess thats a good thing. I have tan skin. I really like to play football (Soccer in America), I'm even better than Liam. Like Liam, I love Disney movies, especially Finding Nemo and Toy Story. I also love The Notebook and Pitch Perfect so much. My favorite color is pink or baby blue. Oh one more thing, though Liam has been in One Direction for two years, I still have yet to meet his band mates.

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