Before I Fall

Allie Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. Liam had always been her rock, the person she always went to when she was feeling down. Her heart had been broken so many times that she was convinced she would never fall in love again. When her parents force her to go live with Liam and the rest of his bandmates what will happen when Allie becomes close with one of the boys? Will she fall for them?


14. I Need To Think


-Allie's POV-


"Allie! Wake up!" I heard a voice screech.


My eyes slowly opened and I saw two boys standing on my bed... well... more like jumping. I groaned and shoved my pillow over my face. While it may have blocked out the sound it did not stop the jumping.


"Allie!" Louis yelped.


"Louis!" I groaned.


"Liam wants you to get up." Niall said, still jumping.


"You can go tell Liam that he can shove it." I muttered.


"Thats not an option though." Louis said.


I felt my body being lifted out of my bed and out of my room.


"Niall." I groaned. "Niall you wanna be a sweetheart and just put me back in my bed and let me sleep?"


He shook his head and grinned. "Nah. This is way too much fun."


"Niall I hate you. I hate you too Louis!" I said as Niall carried me into the kitchen, setting me down in a seat.


"Well look w-" Liam began, a smirk on his face.


I covered my face with my hands and looked at him. "Liam I swear to god if you finish that sentence you won't be able to make babies when you're older."


The other boys were trying hard not to laugh.


"Wow. Thats some threat you've got there." Liam smirked.


"Wow thats a big asshole... oh wait. Its my brother." I said, rolling my eyes at him.


I looked around the room and noticed one person missing. "Where is the only person who understands my agony?" I groaned.


"Asleep." Niall told me.


My jaw dropped. "So he can sleep and I can't?"


I got up from my chair and stormed upstairs. I opened the door to Harry's room and saw him laying there bundled up in blankets. I took a pillow off of his bed and began hitting him in the face. I could hear him groan each time I hit him.


"Allie." He groaned.




"Allison." He muttered.


"Allison? Where did that come from?" I smirked.


His eyes were barely open and he smiled. "I needed a nickname that sounded serious and Allie just didn't cut it."


"Fine then. Allison thinks you should get up now." I smiled.


"Why. I'd rather have you here with me." He told me, pulling him onto his bed next to him.


"Harry what if Liam walks in?" I whispered.


His face was inches from mine. "He wont."


I sighed. "I'm just worried that he's going to find out..."


"Why? Liam is just about as scary as a puppy." He said in his morning voice.


"Hes also my incredibly over protective old brother who will stop at nothing to protect me." I told him.


He rolled closer to me and put his hands on either side of my body so that he was now looking down on me.


"So are you saying you don't want to do this?" He whispered.


I sighed, trying to avoid eye contact with his gorgeous green eyes. "I... I'm saying that I need to think about this. If Liam finds out it might tear your relationship with him apart."


"Thats not the only thing you're worried about though. I can tell." He sighed.


"Its just that... all the guys I've been with in the past have treated me like shit then dumped me like I was a piece of trash." I mumbled.


"I'm not like that though." He told me in a soft voice.


"How do I know that? How can I be sure?" I asked.


"Let me show you." He told me.


"Harry, I need to think about this. I really like you Harry. More than I should like you... I just... I need to think about it." I told him, standing up.


He didn't say anything as I left the room. As I was walking out into the hall I passed Liam and he furrowed his eyebrows.


"Whats wrong?" He asked when he saw the look on my face.


"What? Oh uh... nothing." I sighed.


"Allie. Its not nothing." He said.


"Just leave it." I muttered.


I walked back to my room and changed into a pair of baby blue high waisted shorts with a white, lace crop tank top. I walked into the bathroom and curled the ends of my hair and slipping on a flower crown after. After doing my makeup and slipping on a pair of shoes I walked downstairs. Just as I walked down I saw Harry walking out the door. I found Liam and Zayn in the living room.


"Where did Harry go?" I asked.


"I have no idea. He's in a really bad mood this morning. He told us he was going out. Thats it." Zayn said.


I sighed, knowing I had caused his latest mood.


"Alright since Harry is M.I.A. today, what do you have planned?" I asked.


"Well its almost Dani's birthday soon and I want to get her a gift. I was wondering if you'd go with me to help pick one out." Liam said.


"Sure." I smiled.


"Alright." He said, getting up.


He and I walked out of the house and got into his black Range Rover. As Liam pulled out I took out my phone and texted Harry.


Allie: Hey, where are you?


Moments later he texted back.


Harry: It doesn't matter.


Allie: Yes it does Harry. Is it because of what I said?


Harry: We're not talking about this


Allie: Harry stop. Why can't you respect my decision????


Harry: I can and I am. I get it. I have to go


Allie: Harry please.


He didn't text back. I sighed and put my phone away. Soon Liam pulled into the mall and he and I walked inside.


"Okay, where are we going first?" I asked.


"I want to get her a necklace so..." He began.


"Tiffany's." I said immediately.


He followed me to Tiffany's and we walked inside.


"What kind of thing do you want to get her?" I asked.


"Something that symbolizes how much I love her." He blushed.


"Aw you're blushing. You really like her don't you?" I smiled.


He grinned. "I love her."


"Thats adorable. Now go look." I told him.


As he went to look I went over and looked at a few necklaces. After looking at a few of them one of them caught my eye. It was a butterfly necklace with three diamonds going up the spine of the butterfly.


"Liam." I called him over.


He walked over to me and I pointed out the butterfly necklace.


"That one?" I asked.


He smiled. "Its perfect."


"Then buy it for her. She'll love it." I told him.


"Thanks." He said.


He bought the necklace and as we were walking out a group of girls noticed us. They looked like they had just stepped off of a frying pan. Their skin was almost like a carrot. Quite literally.


"Oh my gosh. Its Liam Payne!" One girl squealed.


They ran over to us.


"Hi Liam." One of the carrots said.


"Hey." He smiled. 


"Can we have your autograph and a picture?" The other carrot asked, I think I'll call her pumpkin.


"Yeah of course." He said. 


He took a quick picture with carrot and pumpkin and signed his name on their phone cases. They looked at me and gave me a disgusted look.


"You shouldn't be seen with Liam. He's far too perfect to be seen with an ugly bitch like you. Its obvious you're only with him for attention. Seriously, Liam is better off without you, you attention whore." Pumpkin spat.


Just as they were about to walk away I spoke.


"Ugly? Bitch? Whore? Did I hear you correctly? Last time I checked I'm not the one who looks like she could be a pumpkin. I don't care if you call me names. Besides, I'm with Liam at the moment because he's my brother. Sorry that its suddenly a crime to hang out with my brother. Now why don't you two go get a wet kleenex and wipe all of that makeup off your face. I think all the makeup is weighing down your personality." I told them harshly.


They just looked at me, their eyes wide.


"Don't ever talk to my sister like that! Clearly you two aren't real fans if you say that right in front of me." Liam said sternly.


We watched as they hurried away.


"I got a call from the pumpkin patch! They want their pumpkins back!" I called after them.


"I better go talk to Charlie Brown! I found the great pumpkins!" Liam called.


I looked at him, my eyebrows raised. "Nice one. Never thought you'd say that to your fans though."


"They're not my fans. As far as I'm concerned, if they call my little sister ugly a bitch and a whore, they're not my fans. They got what they deserved." Liam told me as we walked off.


I smiled and hugged Liam.


"I love you Liam." I smiled.


"Love you too Al." He replied.





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