I Surrender (Sequel to I'm Not Yours Anymore)

Kaya, Audrey and Tianna are currently with One Direction. When Audrey tells a Lie of two will she break everyone apart, AGAIN! How will she pick up the broken pieces.


6. Talking to Niall

I had gone back to my own flat and was laying on my bed.

What should I do?!

*door bell rings*

I sigh and get up. 

 My hair was in a messy bun and i had no make up on.

 " Hey Zayn.." I say as i open the door.

" Hey.." He smiled and gets in.

" Look Zayn.. I honestly can't give you any advice right now.. I'm about to break.." I clean a tear from my eyes and begin to walk back to my room.

" Audrey.." Zayn whispered.

" Zayn.." I replied, still walking to my room. He followed me all the way there.

" You're not going to break.." He smiled.

" How would you know?" I asked.

" Because i will be there to catch you.." Niall said from behind the door.

"Why are you here?" I asked still crying.

" Because, i love you.." He walked closer.

" No you don't.. You kissed Kaya!" I cried harder.

" I will be in the living room.." Zayn said getting up.

" It was a mistake.." He sighed.

" Cheating isn't a mistake, it's a choice.." I growled.

" Babe.." He started.

" Don't call me babe.. You left me when I needed you most.." I cried.

" I didn't know.." He cried too.

" Thats why you ask, not ignore!" I yelled.

" Please.. Can we just start over?" He asked.

" Prove it to me.. Prove me that you love me, that you will do anything to win me back.." I said back.

" Bro, i think you should go now.." Zayn said from behind Niall.

" I promise I will.." Niall said and walked away. Zayn walked over and sat down in the bed. I laid down next to him and so did he.

" Tell me, why will you break?" Zayn hugged me.

 I explained everything. Why I told Kaya that Harry had said that. To what has happened right now. I told him that I told Kaya that because she had kissed Niall.. I also told him how I felt. I spilled all out. I looked back up and he was still awake.

" You actually stayed up with me to listen?" I asked.

" Of course.. You would stay up all night to listen to me." He smiled.

" Here, i have a plan.." Zayn smiled.

" What?" I asked.

" You move flats, and I tell every body you moved and you'll make a letter and I will read it to everybody.." He smiled.

" Thats perfect! Thank you Zayn!" I kissed his cheek.

" Your welcome." He grinned.

" i think you should go now.. I don't want to get Tianna mad.." I laughed. He got up and walked to the door.

" I love you Audrey.." He smiled.

" I love you Zayn.." I smiled. He turned the lights off and walked out.


 The next day, I sat down in the couch, with a blank peice of paper, and a pen.



                                                   Bye Guys.. I'm truly sorry for everything that happened. I'm sorry Kaya and Harry for what I said.. I made that all up.. It got me so mad you had kissed Niall.. I'm still mad at Niall and even though I love him, I will always be mad at him.. Bye louis, did you see how this all worked out? I'm out of your guys' life's and i bet you guys will be much happier. Sorry Zayn I had to leave, I will miss your company and your cheesy attitude.. I do forgive you Tianna and i hope you guys won't miss me..

                   Sorry guys.. Love,



  I put the owner down and folded the letter. I handed it rl Zayn, that was behind me, and he stuck it into his pocket..

" You ready to go?" He asked. I smiled and got up. I grabbed my small luggage and walked out the front door. My new flat was just about a block away.

" I hope everything goes fine.." i mumbled as i watched the London lights go by.

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