I Surrender (Sequel to I'm Not Yours Anymore)

Kaya, Audrey and Tianna are currently with One Direction. When Audrey tells a Lie of two will she break everyone apart, AGAIN! How will she pick up the broken pieces.


2. Questions And Notes

Tianna's POV

Everyone but Audrey walked off the bus and into the stadium where the concert was being held. The boys were rushed in but the paparazzi wanted to ask me and Kaya some questions

"Tianna, How Has It Been Being Zayn Malik's Girlfriend?" A Interviewer asked.

"Well it's been great, There haven't been any problems with us so I think It's been going great" I reply with a smile.

"Kaya, How do you explain this picture? Are you and Niall Dating?" Another interviewer asked Kaya holding up a picture of her and Niall kissing. I looked at her.

"well No me and Niall are not dating, we are just really good friends" Kaya says. Kaya was selling something, But I wasn't buying it.

"Tianna, Whar Happened With Audrey And Niall?" Why do these people have so many personal questions?!?!

"well sorry to say, but they broke up" I say frowning. STUPID TIANNA why did you answer the question?!?! 

"Tianna, What's Your Favorite Thing About Zayn" I had to think about this question. I looked at the interviewer who asked it.

"well my favorite thing about Zayn would Have To Be His Personality, He's Just So Sweet And Kind And I Love That About Him' i say smiling.

"Kaya, Why Did You And Harry Break Up In The First Place" I looked at the interviewer then at Kaya.

"well that's kinda personal" Kaya says. Thank God she's not going to tell them. We answer a few more questions then we go backstage in the stadium. Me and Kaya watched from side stage. Next thing I knew I was pulled on stage by Zayn.

"Hey guys well you all know my girlfriend Tianna" He said into the microphone

The crowd went crazy I didn't really now they cared for me that much 

 "Well we meaning you guys are gonna ask her some questions"

Then again  went wild

The last question was the most awkward

"Can we see you and Zayn kiss?" A fan asked

"Umm Uh sure"

With that me and Zayn French Kissed in front of thousands of fans. I heard a lot of "Awws" which made me smile during our kiss

knew he could tell because he chuckled during it also, Bu their were also a loy of 'Booos'. I knew some of he fans didn't like me but they just had to get over it. After we released I went off stage  to Kaya

"Now look at how happy you too are together"

 I just chuckled

I as smiling until Audrey came over

"Hey Kaya,Tianna"

"Hey Aud"

I just ignored her

"Hello earth to Tianna"

Still ignored

"Tianna at least say something to me"

"Ok how bout your a liar  and  leave me alone and get e fuck out of my face"

"Didnt have to be so harsh"

 I growl at her and walk away.

Audrey's P.O.V

Yesterday I told that one lie to get back. but I'm 

I knew Tianna would never forgive me but i at least wanted her to be nice to me. 

"so did Harry ask you what he did wrong?" Kaya asks me. 

"no" I say.

"okay" Kaya says. "um Audrey do you still like, love Niall?" Kaya asks me. I didn't know how to answer.

"um" I say.

"because never mind" Kaya says then walks in the direction Tianna went. The boy got off stage and they all passed me but Harry stopped right in front of me.

"what did I do?" He asks me.

"what?" I ask acting like I didn't know anything, but I knew everything.

" What did I do to Kaya?" He asks me. 

"Harry you should know" I say then walk away in a dramatic way. I'm so stupid>m I think to myself. I walked on the buss to find Kaya and Niall sitting on the couch. Kaya's head was on Niall's lap. HOLD UP! I looked at them then I went to the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of Hot Chocolate and sat on the couch next to them. As soon I sat on the couch The atmosphere turned awkward. Let's just face it, It was awkward as soon as I walked in. Then Kaya got up. 

"what you doing " I ask her.

"I'm going to get dressed and go on a walk with Louis, He was sick yesterday" She says then leaves to her bunk, witch left me and Niall on the couch. I felt kinda bad for leaving Niall for someone else. 

"Niall" I said. He looked at me.. "I'm sorry" I say. He just looked back at the TV. WHAT!?!

Kaya's P.O.V 

I got into a sundress and sandals. Louis was asleep in his bunk. 

"Louis" I say shaking him. He opens his eyes, yawning.

"What" He asks in a rough voice.

"get dressed we're going on a walk" I say.

"why" He groans putting the pillow one his hear covering his face.

"you need fresh air Louis, Now get up" I say taking his pillow and hitting him with it.

"okay okay I'm getting up" Louis say. I leave and go back to my bunk to wait for Louis. about 10 minutes later Louis comes walking over to me.

"lets go" I say getting up from my bunk. Me and Louis walked out of the tour and we were greeted by a bunch of flashing cameras. The flashes were burning my eyes. Me and Louis ran from them and eventually last them and started to walk.

"so what's up with Harry he's been so down lately and he won't tell us why?" Louis asks.

"well he said some pretty mean things about me and it really hurt" I say.

"what'd he say?" Louis asks.

"He said I was a Slut and that he never loved me" I say.

"Harry can be harsh but Harry would never say something like that" Louis says.

"well Audrey told me he did" I said

"You really believe he said that?" Louis asks.

"yeah" I said.

"I'll talk to him if you want time too" Louis says.

"you can if you want but We are never getting back together" (LOL I Made A Funny) I say.

"okay" Louis says. 

"Hey Louis" I say.

"what?" He asks.

"can we go to the park?" I ask him.

"sure" He says.

"can I have a piggy back ride?" I ask him.

"sure hop on" He says. I jump on his back and he starts running to the park with me on his back.

"weeeeeee" I yell as the air flows through my blonde locks. Then we stop when we reach the park. We say a few paparazzi following us but we ignored them. We walk over to the swings and He starts to push me on the swing.

"so your never going to talk to Harry again?" Louis asks.

"well I don't want to but I'm pretty sure your going to make me" I say.

"and you are right" Louis says. Then I saw this stuffed monkey on the top of the slide. 

"A MONKEY" I scream and jump off the swings and run towards the monkey.

"Kaya what are you doing" Louis asks.

"look it has a note on it" I say holding up the stuffed monkey. I read the note out loud. "Dear Kaya I Don't Know What I Did To Upset You. Whatever Someone Told You, It's Not True, And I'm Sorry If I Did Do Something To You. Please Talk To Me. I'll be In My Bunk By The Time You Get This. Just Please Talk To Me, Love Harry Xx" I say.

"well what are you going to do?" Louis asks me.

"I don't know" I say

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