I Surrender (Sequel to I'm Not Yours Anymore)

Kaya, Audrey and Tianna are currently with One Direction. When Audrey tells a Lie of two will she break everyone apart, AGAIN! How will she pick up the broken pieces.


8. plan failed

** Zayn's POV **

" Our plan failed.. aha.." i called Audrey.

" wow.. i hope they're not to mad at me about the Harry thing.." She sighed.

" You had all the right, i mean, she did kiss your boyfriend and didnt say anything bad to him like, ' omg why did you do that?' and then slap him.." I tried to make Kaya's voice.

"true.." she mumbled.

" Hey i have to go.. someones at my door.. bye, come over soon.." Audrey said and hung up.

** Audrey's POV **

Someone knocked on my door like a furious bastered.

" COMING!" i yelled.

 i swung the door open, to see, non other, than John..

" i havent seen you in a LONG time!" John kissed my cheek and walked in.

" How did you know i moved.." i mumbled.

" you dont think i know my things?" he asked with a laugh.. creeper!

"right.." i mumbled and shook my head.

" so, what have you been up to? " John asked.

" um, nothing really.." i replied. my phone began to ring and i thanked god.

" hello?" i answered my phone.

" Hey, um, Jade is coming on tour but since shes not aloud to come on the bus, can she stay with you until she leaves?" Tianna asked.

" sure! i would always welcome her!" i smiled really big.

" Great.. well, she'll be here any day now.."

"okay!" and with that we hung up.

** door bell rings**

"wow, today is a busy day!" i smiled at John.

 i answered the door- Niall.

" oh, i see you have company.." he pointed at John. John smiled and waved at him.

" No, he was just leaving.." John looked confused but understood and left.

" so, i know im stupid on ever coming but  i just wanted to know that, why wont you just take me back?!" Niall said all fast.

" Because, i would have taken you back but you kissed my friend! i mean, what type, of fucking, boyfriend does that?!" i screamed at him.

" THE SAME ONE THAT DOES THIS!" he pushed my lips to his and kissed me really hard.

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