I Surrender (Sequel to I'm Not Yours Anymore)

Kaya, Audrey and Tianna are currently with One Direction. When Audrey tells a Lie of two will she break everyone apart, AGAIN! How will she pick up the broken pieces.


9. On the bus

Audrey's P.O.V

Niall kissed me really hard. When we released the kiss he just stopped out of my house. I went out side and started walking to the tour bus. I got to the door and opened it. Then all of a sudden...I get punched in the nose.

"Ow" I scream. I look at who punched me. Kaya!

"Kaya we told you not to hit her now got get her some tissues" Zayn says. Kaya grabs the tissue box and throws it at my face. It hits me in the eye.

"ow" I say again. I get up and see Kaya with everyone else. "What  was that for?!"

"That fucking fake letter" Kaya yells

"Kaya calm down you need to leave because if you hit anyone else I'm swinging" Tianna yells

"Swing at me and I will break your face" She yells

"I'd like to see you try" Tianna says

"Girls calm down we all need to forget evilness and just start all over" Louis says

"Shut up Louis" The three of us yell

Kaya the grabs Tianna's hair and pulls it. Tianna  yells and punches Kaya in her face. Jade comes out and sees them fighting she then yells so loud that everyone stops.

"Kaya what are you doing you too Tianna."

"Nothing come on Jade just go to your bunk."

"Tianna you need to calm down!" Zayn says

"No! No I will not because you probably knew about this the whole time! Weren't you with Audrey helping her!" Tianna yells

"Yeah" He says

"So you decide not to tell anyone and just act like its nothing when you could have at least told one of the boys and no drama would have started!"

"Tianna calm down" He says. He walks toward her and try's to calm her down but she slaps him. Her hand marks a perfect red spot on his cheek. She starts to cry and then runs out of the bus to the street. All you could see was Zayn following her and us including Jade following them.

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