I Surrender (Sequel to I'm Not Yours Anymore)

Kaya, Audrey and Tianna are currently with One Direction. When Audrey tells a Lie of two will she break everyone apart, AGAIN! How will she pick up the broken pieces.


3. Jealous?!

* Audrey's POV *

 Why am I jealous?! I wonder why?! Oh, maybe because you still love Niall!

 Why do I still have to a love a guy that has done so much damage to me?!

" Hey!" Zayn said from behind me. I smiled and hugged him. I have been hanging a lot with Zayn so that I could give him lessons on how to hang with Tianna.

" So, what are you guys up to?" I asked him.

" Well, I have to tell you.. Something pretty personal.." He bit his lip. Something in my stomach seemed to just drop and i nodded.

" Here, lets go to my flat.." I mumbled. We got in his car and began to drive to my place.


" Okay, what's the big personal thing..?" I asked nervously.

" Well, Kaya and Niall kissed.." My face got pale, my stomach turned upside down and I began to cry.

" Sh! It's going to be okay.." Zayn hugged me and i cried in his chest. Them?! This is supposed to end happily! Me with Niall, Louis with Eleanor, Kaya with Harry,and Zayn with Tianna!?

" NOTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE! JUST, JUST LEAVE! AND, NEVER LOOK FOR ME AGAIN! IM DEAD FOR ALL OF YOU!" I stormed out of the living room and got into my room. Pain covered. Each and i began to sob so loud.

 Zayn came into my room and laid down on the bed with me.

" You'll never be dead to me.. I love you.. Many people love you.. You've helped me out so much with Tianna, kinda don't even know how to thank you.." Zayn kissed my cheek and i closed my eyes slowly.


** Tianna's POV **

" Hey, have you guys seen Zayn?" I asked the boys.

" No, hes been gone since last night." Niall shrugged. I bit my finger nails and walked around.

" Hey guys!"  i suddenly heard that familiar accent.

" We're have you been?" I asked angrily at Zayn.

" I don't know.." He shrugged. He tried to pass me but I stopped him. The smell of sweet pea suddenly hit my nose.

" You smell like a girl.." I growled. The boys began to laugh and i gave them a dead glare.

" Dude! You do smell like a girl!" Louis laughed sniffing him some more. Niall came over and sniffed Zayn.

" You smell like.. Like.. Like Audrey.." Niall sighed. He sniffed the air and walked away, a single tear at the corner at his eye. He still loves her. He still loves her the same way Harry still loves Kaya.


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