Beauty Queen

Barbie is the perfect beauty queen! When she moves from a small town in Canada to the big city of London, England with her mom, she meets the perfect guy for her! Too bad her mother has two rules. 1. Only focus on becoming a model and 2. NO BOYS! How will she find time to talk to him?


2. Watching, waiting, working out

So, there I was watching the window waiting for him to run by. I know my mom said no boys, but I think she meant no dating boys....staring is totally different! I first saw him almost a week ago, he was topless with white basketball shorts and clearly very fit. He had a buzz cut hairstyle, he looked close if not my age. I wish I could learn his name and hear his voice.

"You're going to school!" I didn't notice my father right behind me.

"Wait, what?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yup, I finally convinced your mom to let you go!" he hugged me. I was so happy I honestly thought I was going to cry! Just so you know, I've never been to real school. My parents (my mom) didn't want me to get sucked into the youths weird ways. So, my whole life was with my parents. But I had made~approved by my parents~ friends. I looked at the date so see it was Friday and something told me the weekend was going to go on FOREVER! I really can't wait for school now!

After dinner I was so happy because my dad took me out to get a school bag and some new school clothes. All of my clothes were a bit to glitz and not enough me! Once we got to the store I picked out a really pretty teal backpack. It was plain nothing to much and I loved it that way! 

"You're welcome!" my dad said to me as I was looking through clothes.


"I'm the reason you're going to school!" He said to me.

"Thank you!" I said as I kissed him on the cheek. I began walking to go to the dressing room when I saw him. The buzz cut boy! He was with his friends. One With curly hair and one blonde boy. I began to walk past them and I started to walk like it was a catwalk. They noticed me, the blonde one came up and started talking to me and I wasn't that pleased because I really wanted buzz cut to talk to me.

"Hey, I'm Niall!" he said with a smile.

"Hi! I'm Barbie! And please don't make fun of my name." I said.

"Why would I? That's a pretty name." he said as I smiled.


"By the way, I'm not flirting with you. I have a girlfriend. But my friend likes you!" he said as I smiled and began praying he said buzz cut boy!

"Which one?" I asked.

"The one with the," he said, "buzz cut hair." I was so happy!!!!

"Oh. Well tell him I said hi." I tried to sound in my most causal way I possibly could.

"His name is Liam." Niall waved for him to come here.

"Hello beautiful! I'm Liam and this is Harry" his voice was beautiful.

"Hey!" I began, "how old are you?"

"I'm 17 and you?"


"Cool. What school do you go to?" he asked. But I didn't know the name of the school yet.

"I don't know yet. I'm going to start on Monday."

"New in town?" He asked. I've been here for almost a three weeks. So, I didn't want to lie.

"No, I've been home schooled for ever. My parents are finally letting me go to a real school. They think that youth will ruin my chances to become a model." I admitted.

"A model?" he sounded interested. I just nodded. I couldn't believe I was talking to him and I was doing good. Until, I saw my dad walking this way. I just ran not even saying bye to those guys! I ran to the dressing room where I said my dad thought I had been this whole time. I looked behind me as I ran to see Liam looking at me like I was crazy. Smooth Barbie, real smooth!

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