Beauty Queen

Barbie is the perfect beauty queen! When she moves from a small town in Canada to the big city of London, England with her mom, she meets the perfect guy for her! Too bad her mother has two rules. 1. Only focus on becoming a model and 2. NO BOYS! How will she find time to talk to him?


1. The Last Pageant

"Barbie Windebank."

I heard my name get called, I walked on stage. The lights were hot, and bright. I could hardly see, I only saw the three judges in front of me. Looking at my every move, I walked with pride and moved with grace! I was wearing a long flowing green dress with diamonds all along the bust. I was surely beautiful! If I win this, I get to go to England and work on my modelling! I didn't want to go, my mom wanted me to go. I don't want to be a model, I want to be a writer. Being 16 has it's perks, but my mom still won't let me talk to boys! When my eyes adjusted to the light I saw my dad wave to me. I smiled, a real smile not a fake one! I loved my dad, he wanted me to be happy doing what I was doing. When I walked off stage I was given a perfect score of 10! So, England here I come!


The house was packed and I headed to the car, my mom was going crazy! She kept talking the whole time! I tried to sleep on the airplane. I was gonna miss Canada! I had a lot of friends there, but I was really looking forward to London.

"Mom? What school am I going  to go to?" I asked.

"None, you'll be home schooled!"

"What? Why?"

"To focus and not doing anything silly!" My mother's voice was stern! So I just left it at that.

When we got 'home' I noticed the house was huge. I didn't know we could afford that!

 "Dad, what's going on?"

"Your mother got a great job! We're almost rich now!!" My dad must have been happy!

When I got inside I began decorating my room. Since I loved the colour purple I left the walls the same colour being a nice light purple. I than began to put up posters of celebrities and photo's of me and my friends!

"Barbie, come here. You need to practice!" My mother called me.

When I got downstairs I put on a beautiful pink dress and began to rehearse.

***AUTHOR'S NOTE- I know it's very short but this is it so far! I'll write a longer chapter later. I need to get some ideas. Sorry, but hope you like the idea so far!

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