Dark (Louis Version)

A young 17 year old girl finds her love of her life may be he boy she fears most........


5. why did I get drunk?

Lilys pov



UHe layed me on he bed  kissing my neck with hunger. I moaned loudly wanting more. He is hand traveled down my waist and grabbed my leg making me but it around his waist so I did it wih both of my legs. He smirked lookig down at me seeming to knowsomething I didnt but i didnt care I lifed my arms to wrap around his neck and kissed him .he pulled away wanting something else. He started kissing my ccollar bone. I moaned more loudly than before. Omg hes amazing....gosh he didnt know how much I wanted him. He smiled seemig to know what I wanted as he pulled my shirt off then my pants. I quickly took his off and his shirt. He quikly took of my bra and knickers. I took of his boxers and looked at him. He looked so fine. I was want7ng him so badly.  He leaned and whispered in my ear, " u sure about this?" I nodded as he pushed inside of me. I cried out for a while but  started moaning shortly after. It hurt at first but it got amazing and I really mean AMAZING!   He looked at me and said, "did I steal ur virginity? I nodded as he kissed my neck I felt him smiling aI moaned more and he lifed up and layed next to me wrapping his arms around me I hen feel asleep against his cool naked body.mi woke up  and loked at him and then me . I widened my eyes. Omg did I just-no I didnt but id did...why did I make him I mean let him get me drunk? I hought as I hen felt him move beside me. " morning beautiful" he said grinning as he kissed me. I slapped him.

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