Dark (Louis Version)

A young 17 year old girl finds her love of her life may be he boy she fears most........


8. ran away

Lilys pov




I into louis car . I havent talked to him since he picked me up I was afraid that I miht be a one niht stand..which I probaky was because no one would actually love a girl like me. I'm pale with red hair green eyes with a little bit of freckles on my face. I'm just ur smart nerdy average teen nerd. Nobody likes nerd. I I heard someone say my name I knew it was Louis so I looked at him. " why arent u talking to me lily? I didnt answer him and I just looked out he window. Lily answer me damit! He yelled. I jumped and said quietly. I dont want to. I looked at he and he looked hurt. " what did I do lily?" He said. " your using me as a one niht stand!!! I yelled hen saw his face and regreted what I said because he got out of the car and went down an ally I followed him. I turned he corner and saw him having sex with my best friend. I cryed and ran away.ot I

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