Dark (Louis Version)

A young 17 year old girl finds her love of her life may be he boy she fears most........


7. louis' one night stand?

Lilys pos




I loked out the window as louis drove me to work before I left he kissed me and I smilied as he smiled at me. " hurry wih woI'm taking u out tonight" he said smirking lok up and down my body. I blushed remeberig I had on a tank top and a short mini skirt. I know I sound like a slut but hey louis pickedk, It. I  I left and as heard a sqeal of tires racing down tue road. I smiled and walked into to work only to be stopped by and reall whore. " hey ur louis girl?" She said I nodded. " well dont get to comfortable your just a one night stand once he gets into ur pants and if he did hes left u" *she smirked and left. I had tears running down my face. I'm just a one night stand?

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