Dark (Louis Version)

A young 17 year old girl finds her love of her life may be he boy she fears most........


9. little things

Louis pov





I sat there staring at her as she ran away. I pushed the girl of me and got my clothes on and ran after her feeling like a crap. I cauht he by the wrist but she slapped me in the face it hurt so much and when I looked up she was off in the distance. I ran afternher calling her name but she wouldnt stop. This is just like the time with my long ago best friends before hey died *flashbakc* I was sitting in he back seat singig little things with liam niall harry and zane . Swhile we were singing liam was not paying attention and that was all I remeber until I woke up in the hospital. " where the rest of one direction? I said to the nurse. She looked at me wih sympathy. " you were chasing them for kissing there girl friends Louis u got in the middle of there car and hey crashed they diedmbut u survived." She said walking away. " what I was in the car......that was until I did ...omg I'm sorry guys"*I cryed I heard a reporter on the tv" 1d crashed all died except Louis ....the cause of it was he kissed their girlfriends and in the end it was bad so say good bye to one direction and say hello again to justin bieber"*I turnedmit offmand continued to cry**end of flashback* I keep runnig after her and cauht her. Let go I'm not great enouh fot u I'm just a one nigt stand louis I dont want to get hur-she said until I interpupted her and took her home kissing her imlayed her on the bed. I sang little things to her. 

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