Dark (Louis Version)

A young 17 year old girl finds her love of her life may be he boy she fears most........


15. (its a suprise guys ;) )

Louis pov





I got on my in front of her and said" will u marry me love? I looked at her as she started to cry but she nodded I smiled and slipped a ring on her finger.nI smiled as she kissed me hard and with passion. I kissed her bk twice as hard then said" will u start singing with me I want to sjg again but not alone so will u?" I asked her I knew hat it was big to ask her to become a popstar with me but Iwanted to sing again because I found my missing peice in the world. She nodded and said" YES!!" I sighed and called my manager he said I could come bk and that she can be a siger with me I smiled as

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