Dark (Louis Version)

A young 17 year old girl finds her love of her life may be he boy she fears most........


4. Bar

Lilys pov I sat and looked out the window as we drove past the efile tower. I felt a hand slidingnup my leg and went stiff as louis jerked his hand away smirking. "U nervous babe" he said laughing. I did not answer him as drove to a gas station. " ill be bk in a few minutes, gotta refuel the tank" he said kissing my cheek. I sighed watching him go into the store so I took advantage of that I got out of the car quickly and ran it. I searched for my phone but hen remebered louis had it. I walked bk and saw and angry louis loking at me he grabbed my wrist and through me into the car and got in a drove away. "Why did you run?" He asked me but I didnt answer. Hats when he hit the steering wheel hard wih a l8od bang. I jukped at the sound and cried a lil. "Why did u run" he asked again rubbing my leg. To be honest it felt good....wait! What am I saying? "I got scared and I wanted a drink" I replied. "Oh we can fix that" he said with a smile I did not like. Louis Pov I loked at her as she looked at me and smiled. She didnt return my smile so I turned bk to the road and parked into a , " I cant drink at a bar are u crazy?" She said. "No but I can get u one" I sadi grabbing her hand and walked to a stool.I sat down as she sat down next to me. I rubbed her leg loking her up and down wanting her badly. I leaned over and kissed her neckmthen her lips. She had soft lips. I keep kissing her as she kissed bk but she pulled me away from her so I ordered her a big bottle of bear and me one to. If she wasnt going to cooperate then ill have to make her drunk. Lilys pov I looked at the bottle and took it and chugged it down and then louis handed me his I tok it and drank it to I begun to feel dizzy but I drank more likeing the high I was getting. I felt louis hand go up my leg but at this point I didnt care. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him he kissed bk. I grabbed his arm and led him to the dance floor. He danced close to me as I pulled some dirty dance moves on him boy did he like it. He liked it so much that he took me to one of hose rooms in the bar and layed me down on the bed. Authors note Want more like and comment plz love u guys

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