Dark (Louis Version)

A young 17 year old girl finds her love of her life may be he boy she fears most........


6. am I falling for him?

Lilys pov





I slapped him. He stared at me confused and a bit angry sending me wavenervousness.  Is he gonna hit me? I was still thinking when he sat up and grabbed my wrist and sat me up. Oh no ! Hes gonna hurt me. I whined and started crying and said sofltly. " plz dont hit me  I'm sorry" he looked at me frowning. "Whywwould I hit u babe?" He got closer to me leaning in and I smashed my lips on to him. OMG!!! DID I JUST?!?! I did. I kissed him wih no hesatation my body screamed for more but my mind didnt. My body won and I wrapped me arm around his neck and  grabbed his hair bringing him closer. He kissed me bk and smirked he sat me on his lap and put his head down kissing my collor bone , my shoulder, my stomack my neck, and bit it sucking on it. I felt blood rising up in my neck. I'm gonna have a hicki I thouht but I didnt care. My head jerked up as  as I realized something...I was letting him in after all hes done. Why? I pulled away and got dressed heading downstairs when someone grabbed me by he wrist and pushing me against the wall. "Dont leave plz" lousi said. I nodded not saying anything. Was I falling for him? And why is he wanting me out of everybody? I need help I want shane I feel lost confused and lonley.lovelisness

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