One Direction story

Different stories for the whole one direction people!


4. Zayn story

Honk honk! "I'm coming"I yell too Zayn.I get in the yellow bunch buggy and we go down too the park for are date but it was okay!We swing on the swings so happy laughing and smiling.All of a sudden a police comes and says grown people are not allowed too play there!Zayn got really mad and said why and argued with the cops!I started too cry and got scared while my head was thinking why would I cry,why cant I get up and save him!"If you don't have a lawyer then you are going too go to jail because you'r going too court bub"after that the police man walked away and said come by at 1 hour later from here and left."I don't have a lawyer and i'm going too jail if I don't have one,what should I do"?Zayn starts too tear up until I finally say "I will be happy to be your lawyer for you". He looks up at me with big eyes and yells "THANK YOU THANK YOU" and he hugs me so tight that he knocks the breath out of me!We go to the court house and we talk for hours."You are dismissed"! Me and Zayn start too yell and scream and hug each other and stuff and we leave to celebrate."How about Starbucks,my treat"Zayn says with those cute smile and the dimples."No,my treat"I say and kiss his smooth cheek and smile while  he blushes and smiles.We take are stuff and head too the house with the guys."Hey guys",everyone said when me and Zayn walked in."Wheres mine"Louis asks."This is are celebration treat". We both say.We told them the police story.They were very shocked and we all started too cheer until we here a ring at the door!"Hey I think you remember me the,uh,police man and I wanted too tell you that older people can go too the park and play now"! We all cheered and closed the door and screamed.                                                             Next day:We wake up in the morning and I find Zayn in my bed sleeping shirtless and had his buffed up arm around me!Everybody was awake eating breakfast and thank goodness it was a break for us that day.He kissed my cheek and said good morning!Me and Zayn hugging each other and walking down the hall when everyone else was smiling and staring was really funny to watch,especially Harry's face with the dimples.We ate and started are day of by playing at the park.I was very happy!                                                                                                               The End<3                                                       

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