One Direction story

Different stories for the whole one direction people!


2. Niall story

"Hey honey",Niall said too his girlfriend,Riley."Hey". I wish I could actually go out with him.We been friends for a couple of years now and by couple I mean 10 years!We been friends when we were kids and I really liked him when I first saw him."Hey Emily,what are you doing day dreaming"?Niall walked right up too me and asked that and I didn't even notice him until he tapped my shoulder."Oh um nothing just being bored as usual"!I sighed and rested my head down on my hand."So what do you want too do then,I always make you happy so now I can do it again"?"I don't know,make something up"!So he got a big yellow ball and threw it across my head!He laughed in joy when I got the ball and started too smile.He loved it when I smiled.                              Next day:It was the next day and I just found out that Niall and Riley broke up!I didn't want too ask him out that fast.I walked too school because my sister cant drive me too school.I saw Niall just standing where Riley and him used too talk and he started too cry when he thought about her."Hey,I know Riley broke up with you and all but you got too get into the future,stop living in the past"!I yelled and whispered at the same time but it was hard for me because I am really loud. Niall likes that about me also."Your right,I should get over it and find a better girlfriend"!I high-five him and we  started too talk more together and I helped him try too get a better girlfriend but it was no use.When we were done he asked me if I could come and meet his band members and of course I said yes!"Hey guys,this is Emily"!Niall yelled with excitement."Hello",Zayn and Liam said."Hello love"!Louis and Harry said. Niall showed me around and it was a nice place.We both sat in his room and talked."So this is my room",He shouts so the other boys here.They all walk in and ask if I can sing!"Yes"!I yelled with a big smile on my face!I started singing duets with them and it sounded perfect!So I joined the band and I was really happy.One day we were on the tour bus and Niall asked me out!"Okay",I whispered too make sure Niall isn't doing a prank on me and I knew it was not a prank because everyone walked in and said congrats on your new free date and Louis jumped on are legs!"You guys are a perfect couple"!Louis said.We both agreed.                               The End<3

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