One Direction story

Different stories for the whole one direction people!


1. Louis story

"Knock knock" I here a knock.I go get my phone real fast and open the door."Hey Louis"I say when he walks in."Hey you ready" "Ya"I say."Okay lets go"!We head down too are friends wedding.We brought a cake and some roses for them."Got everything"?Lou asks."ya"!Everything was silent until he put on some songs.It was fun and funny when me and Louis were dancing."Ha" we were laughing and singing too the song and we stopped when we got there.Everything was fun and we ate cake and danced and of course Louis was crazy but funny!We finally left and it was about 9:00 at night so he just came too my house too stay and it was just me so it was not that bad.He called Harry too tell the guys he is at Emily's' house and it was a success!We ate some pizza and went too pizza hut so we could get cookie dough dessert.(Of course)We watched one movie and by 10:00 we were talking away.We talked about Pokemon and stuff until he brought up me going on a date with him!"Um okay that sounds fun".I said very confused."Okay,we will go somewhere tomorrow and it will be a surprise okay"."ya okay"! We went too sleep on the bed while he cuddled me to death and it squished me but surprisingly warm and comfortable.We woke up at 8:00 and I got up to take a shower.I was done and went in my room and saw Louis in the kitchen.I got some clothes on and while I was trying too get my t-shirt he walked in too see my bum!"Nice bum"!He said,giggling a little.My face was bright red and I could not talk but tell him too get out.I got dressed and we ate pancakes and eggs.He took me too the car and we drove too cocoa beach!The smell of coconut and salt.It was not that crowded so Louis picked the right day too come here.We set the towels up and got nothing on but our swim suits and jumped in the salty water.The waves came in so we got our boogie boards and surfed up the waves."Kalabanga"Louis shouted with a big smile on his face.We got out and laid on the towels under the bright stars.It was 10:00 at night and of course we talked.We were talking and talking and finally he covered my lips and made me shut up for a change and crashed his lips into mine."Wow"I said with a slight whisper.He grabbed my shoulders and put his other arm around my back and laid me down and kissed me more until it was 11:00 at night and he carried me too the car and we went home and instead of going too my house we went too Louis house and I moved in with him and Harry and Niall and Liam and Zayn.                                                                                            THE END<3

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