One Direction story

Different stories for the whole one direction people!


3. Liam story

We were best friends and we were together all the time and people thought that we were going out but weren't!It all started in 1st grade when we were together all the time,we liked doing stuff together and hang out but we were not dating!Well now it all changed because of Mrs.goodman!She split us up and we could not see each other anymore.Finally we met up in High School!"Emily,is that you"!Liam yells."Yea"! "You look so young and were in High School now,wow your gorgeous"! Did he just call me gorgeous,I never liked him this way before and now he said that I feel more happy and I think i'm in love with him!"Your pretty gorgeous yourself"!I say with nothing else too say.Just as he was going too ask me out,the bell rang too go home."See you tomorrow"! I shout at the top of my lungs while I walk into the foggy grey mist.He disappears also with a gentle wave and a "I love you" comment!Wow we weren't even going out!He is gorgeous so why am I worrying about it.I mean the buzz cut that is growing out slowly and the nice dimples he has when he laughs or smiles or the way his brown eyes shine in the stars when I stare at him at night,he was perfect.

Next day: I wish I could see Liam right now but its morning so its really hard too handle it.He is gorgeous and I wish I can see him but can he just ask me out?As all these things flow through my head,my friend comes by and taps my shoulder."Stop daydreaming and tell me whats up with you and Liam"! "okay" I told her everything.(I'm not going to tell you the story because you already know it)"Wow"! she exclaimed "That's crazy". "Well its true and I need him too ask me out"! "Okay I will help you later and stuff bye"She was gone before I could even say goodbye!She was a fast runner anyways.Finally it was 12:00 and Liam was going too meet me here at the P.E court."Hello love,i'm here and I need you too ask you something". "Okay". "Can you go out with me and be my girlfriend"? He asked me that finally and I gasped for air when I said of course I will"! He was happy and he carried me too his house and I met all the band members and I joined the band!I was so happy and my future was all in front of me!                                                                                                         The End<3

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