One Direction story

Different stories for the whole one direction people!


5. Harry story

"I want you too rock me rock me rock me yeah" They were singing rock me and for some reason,Harry was staring at me!I was really confused.When we went back home from the best performance ever,I was still wondering why Harry was staring at me and smiling at me and the adorable green eyes just bulging at me.I was laying on the couch alone with a big space by me because i'm small and was just laying there on my phone for a while.I was alone until Harry showed up and said can I lay her?"okay",I agreed too that question and scoot a little more back and he just stared at my phone while I was on it."So what are you playing"He put his big arm around me and sighed so he can get comfortable."Nothing"."I'll be right back,have too get my pajamas on".He said nervously.I nodded and he got up and stretched and put on some clothes.When he got back it was totally different!H had no shirt on just some comfortable pants and his muscles.He plopped down next too me and fluffed his hair and put his head on my shoulder looking at the phone.He finally got his head up and looked at me smiling with his gorgeous green eyes staring into my green eyes and the smile with dimples and the perfect teeth and hair and everything was there.I got lost track and dropped my phone on the table and stared into his nice green eyes and leaned in too kiss him!He french kissed me and everything.It went on like that for a couple of hours until all the other band members walked!"Go get a room"!Louis yelled and we stopped kissing and stared at them with are red faces and we started too blush.Somehow I started too laugh and Louis did too and Harry did and everyone else did.It was funny and unexpected.Than we stopped and finally got our own room."WOW"Harry says.                                          The End <3                                                                                                                                          (sorry for the inappropriate stuff in hear)(No hate<3)

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