Free Falling

Hey I’m Lizzy Somers, yes Chaz's sister. We are twins to be exact he is 4 minutes older than me and he will never let me forget it. You guys are probably wondering if i know Justin Bieber. Well i do kind of i met him twice and the only reason i saw him was because Chaz forced me to. See i hate Justin so whenever he came over i left or stayed in my room and Chaz and Ryan (my brother from another mother) were fine with that because they didn't want me falling for Justin ha! Like that could ever happen!


1. The Begining

*Lizzy POV*


“Wake up!” I heard someone yell bringing me out of my dream.

“Ugh! What the hell go away!” I mumbled burying my head into my pillow.

“Nope princess you have to get up IT’S OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!” I knew he wouldn’t give up so I started getting up.

“Your lucking you’re my brother or your ass would be dead.” I said bitterly as I walked to my bathroom to start getting ready.

“Love you too sis!” Chaz yelled as he ran out of my room.  So if you haven’t figured out Chaz Somers is my brother, twin brother actually. And before you ask I am NOT friends with Justin. I think he is a selfish douche bag, he doesn’t know how to treat girls and I think he is a horrible person. Whenever he would come over to our house I would leave, the only time I had to be with him was on Christmas and that was because our families along with Ryan’s family always were together on the holidays and I hoped that would change when Justin became famous but it didn’t he still showed up every fucking Christmas. I didn’t mind his mom Pattie in fact she was like my mom I loved her to death and that was why I was nice to her son with I had to be around him. I got out of the shower and grabbed my cheerleading uniform because our couch insisted that we wear them for the last day I left my hair wavy and put some light make up on. I walked down stairs to find Ryan and Chaz both staring at me.

“What do I have something on my face?” I asked worried

“No I just don’t like my baby sister wearing something that shows so much of her someone might try and take advantage of you.” Chaz said. Ever since I got boobs and an ass Chaz has become very protective that is why Chaz doesn’t mind that I stay away from Justin because he doesn’t want Justin to touch me. He is like that with all the guys in our school. I’m surprised my boyfriend is still with me Chaz can sometimes be scary especially when Ryan is with him.

“Chazzy I’m only younger than you by 4 minutes. Plus I have a boyfriend so it’s not like I’m going to walk into school and jump some random guy.” I said giving Chaz a hug.

“I agree with Chaz on this one L-Dog.” Ryan said. Yes his nickname for me is L-Dog and I call him R-Dog.

“Ugh you guys stop treating me like I’m 5; I’m 16 that’s the same age as you two. I have a boyfriend so if I do anything with anyone it will be him. I appreciate you guys being protective and not wanting me to get hurt but I will be fine and I will tell both of you if I’m not okay?” I said

“Okay let’s go to school.” Ryan said

“Before we go I have some news to tell you.” Chaz said looking worried

“Oh god you didn’t get a girl pregnant did you? I’m not ready to be an Aunt. OH MY GOSH you’re not ready to be a dad. What are people going to think? What is mom and dad going to say?-” Chaz interrupted me laughing

“God Lizzy calm down me didn’t get anyone pregnant. I just wanted to tell you we are going to have a guest for this summer.” Chaz said looking down at my Supra’s.

“Chaz who is?” I asked excitedly.

“Justin.” Chaz whispered.

“NO!” I yelled louder than I meant to.

“Well since I don’t want there to be an argument I’m going to drag you two to school.” Ryan said picking me up and putting me in his car. This summer is going to be crap I’m going to be stuck in my room the whole time. I don’t want him to spend the summer with us! I don’t care if he’s my brother’s best friend! Great this will give me a reason to have Jordan (my boyfriend) over to the house everyday!

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