Free Falling

Hey I’m Lizzy Somers, yes Chaz's sister. We are twins to be exact he is 4 minutes older than me and he will never let me forget it. You guys are probably wondering if i know Justin Bieber. Well i do kind of i met him twice and the only reason i saw him was because Chaz forced me to. See i hate Justin so whenever he came over i left or stayed in my room and Chaz and Ryan (my brother from another mother) were fine with that because they didn't want me falling for Justin ha! Like that could ever happen!


5. Surprising Turn Of Events

*Justin POV*


I know I shouldn’t like Lizzy especially since she has a boyfriend and she is my best friend’s sister but I can’t help it she is so cute.  The way she doesn’t take crap from anyone, he smile, I look into her eyes and I just get lost.  Oh god I sound so sappy what the hell is this girl doing to me?  When I see her with that guy I just want to throw up or punch him.  It’s not like I don’t like him but there is just something off about him.  I’ve kind of always like Lizzy but no one knows I try to keep my distance from her or act rude hoping my feels would just disappear but now that I have to spend the summer with her I don’t think that will be happening.  I was pulled out of my trance by the girl walking down the stairs.  Holy shit did Lizzy look amazing I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and by the look of it she couldn’t keep her eyes off me either.  We walked to the car and arrived at the party all in silence.  You could tell Chaz was trying to think of something to say to Lizzy but before he had the chance he jumped out of the car and yelled something about finding that douche bag.  Ryan went off somewhere with that Kayla girl, and Chaz and I decided to go to the kitchen to find the alcohol.  After about a half hour Chaz was close to being wasted and walked off with some girl whose dress was so short you could see her thong.  A few minutes later I was talking to Tyler when I saw Lizzy run into the kitchen and start taking shots.

“Whoa Lizzy are you ok?” I asked as she drowned her 5th shot of vodka.

“Yeah I’m fine. Why?” she asked

“You just had like 6 shots in 60 seconds.” I said as she looked at her empty shot glasses.

“Yeah I’m just trying to have some fun. Will you help me have fun tonight Jay?” she asked not even slurring.  Damn could this girl hold her alcohol.  She touched my arm and it felt like I was electrocuted.  We both pulled back quickly and stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Uhm. I don’t know Lizzy.” I said looking around for Chaz or Ryan.

“Please Justin I just want to have fun and I know you do to.” She whispered in my ear while running her hands down my abs and touching the top of my jeans.  That’s it I couldn’t take it anymore I pushed her against the counter and we started kissing.  It started off as sweet until I added more pressure, I slid my tongue across her bottom lip and she immediately opened her mouth.  Our tongues battled until I won, I explored her mouth and she slightly moaned into my mouth.  I pulled back quickly and she looked at me I could see it in her eyes she looked a mix between confused, and hurt.

“Lizzy you’re not drunk are you? I don’t want to feel like I’m taking advantage of you.” I asked

“No I’m not I know how to hold my alcohol. Wait are you?” she asked smiling her lips red and slightly puffy from us kissing.

“No.” I answered simply as she dragged me across the living room and up the stairs to an empty bedroom.

“Shall we continue what we were doing?” she asked standing outside the room.  I pushed her against the door slightly continuing out kiss while trying to open the door.  I got it opened and pulled her in without breaking the kiss and roughly slammed her against the door before attacking her neck.  I kissed behind her ear, down her jaw, to right above her collar bone where I heard her moan.  I smirked into her neck before sucking harder and biting slightly.

“mmm. J-Justin”  I heard he moan which drove me insane.  I pulled backing looking at my masterpiece on her neck and she took this opportunity to push me on the bed before straddling me and attaching her lips to my neck immediately finding my sweet spot causing me to moan loudly.  She kicked off her heels as I unzipped her dress and pulled it down.  I couldn’t help but stare at her body she was gorgeous, she looked down suddenly shy.

“Hey, look at me. Don’t worry your absolutely beautiful.” I said putting my finger under her chin so she was looking in my eyes before placing a sweet kiss on her lips.  I’ve never seen Lizzy this shy or self-conscious.

“Lizzy relax, it’s my first time too.” I said trying to calm her down and it seemed to work because she started kissing me again.  I pulled my shirt over my head and saw her trail her eyes down my body before looking  me in the eyes smirking.  She went back to kissing my neck and gently slid her hands down my abs to the top of my jeans where she continued to unbutton them and pull them down.  Leaving me in my boxers which were becoming a little tight due to my growing boner and her in her bra and underwear.  I grabbed her butt causing her to groan.  I laughed lightly as I pulled her closer to me as our pelvises touch we both groan.  I pull her up so our lips meet again while rubbing my hand against the front of her underwear.  She moaned into my mouth turning me on even farther.  I pulled my hand away making he pull out of the kiss to glare at me but I flipped us over quickly while she arched her back so I could unhook her bra.  I smirked as she threw it across the room.  I started placing kisses on her breast lightly sucking on her nipples while massaging them with my hands.  Before she finished I moved her underwear and place a finger in her.  She gasped before moaning my name over and over again before her walls tightened around my fingers and she threw her head back in pleasure as her body started to shake.  I pulled her underwear fully off her and pushed my tongue into her after a few minutes of licking her pussy I felt her about to cum again.  She grabbed my hair and pushed me farther into her creating more pressure as she screamed my name.  She bucked her hips into my face as she reached her 2nd orgasm.  I pulled back grinning as she was trying to regain her breath.  I kissed her lightly as she flipped us so she was in control.  She pulled my boxers down before taking my full length in her mouth causing me to yell her name as she massaged my balls, bobbing her head up and down on my rock hard dick.  I came twice before she stopped giving me a blow job and she swallowed every ounce of my cum.  I flipped her over positioning myself over her, looking into her I saw she was scared.

“Lizzy it’s going to hurt but I’ll wait until to tell me to move. Okay?” I asked and she nodded.  I slowly slid into her inch by inch watching her wince in pain, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.  I kissed away the few tears that did fall.  I kissed her lips trying to take her mind off of the pain.  It felt like hours before she told me to start moving.  I slowly started pumping in and out of her.  She started begging me to go faster and harder, I pulled out to the tip of my dick before slamming myself back into her hitting her g-spot before her walls tightened around me.  I continued to slam into riding out her orgasm, she came two more times before I did.  I pulled out of her while pulling into my chest as we regained our normal breathing.  We got dressed fast realizing we have been in the bedroom for 3 hours, we helped each other fix our hair and clothes so you couldn’t tell a difference luckily Lizzy  had her cover up with her so you couldn’t notice the giant hickeys on our necks.  We walked out just in time to see Ryan telling us it was time to go.  The car ride home was just as silent as the ride there except Lizzy and I kept looking at each other smiling.  The minute we got home we all went into our rooms mumbling goodnights to each other. I waited for Chaz to walk into his room and Ryan into one of the guest bedrooms before I grabbed Lizzy’s arm pulling her into my chest  giving her a light kiss and saying goodnight.  She smiled at me before walking into her room to sleep.  I walked to the next door falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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