Free Falling

Hey I’m Lizzy Somers, yes Chaz's sister. We are twins to be exact he is 4 minutes older than me and he will never let me forget it. You guys are probably wondering if i know Justin Bieber. Well i do kind of i met him twice and the only reason i saw him was because Chaz forced me to. See i hate Justin so whenever he came over i left or stayed in my room and Chaz and Ryan (my brother from another mother) were fine with that because they didn't want me falling for Justin ha! Like that could ever happen!


4. Going Home

*Lizzy POV*


The weekend is over which mean that I have to go back home and I really don’t want to.  The whole time I was at Jordan’s we watched movies, he took me and Mikayla to the mall, and we just had fun.  He kept my mind off of what Chaz said to me.  I think I’m going to ignore Chaz when I get home I just can’t deal with him or Justin or anyone right now.  I still love him, hell I will always love him he is my twin brother but I don’t think I will ever forget what he said.  And I know everyone is probably thinking you guys were mad at each other he didn’t mean what he said but our parents have always said there is a little truth behind every lie.  Jordan pulled into my driveway and I sighed.

“It will be ok baby girl.” Jordan said as he opened my door and pulled me into a hug.

“Let’s just go.” I said grabbing my bag from the back. We walked into the house, Ryan was playing COD, Chaz was sleeping and I assume Justin was in the kitchen. 

“Ry.” I said and he paused the game while Justin walked into the living room. I could feel all eyes on me.

“Yeah L.” he said and I realized that Chaz was awake and looking at me.

“Uhm.  Sarah’s party is tonight and I was wondering if you guys were going.” I could hear my voice shake as I talked and I’m pretty sure everyone else could too.

“Yeah we are. Jordan are you taking her?” Ryan answered directing the question to Jordan.

“No she is taking her car and we are meeting up there, right hun?” he asked

“yeah.” I said as I turned around to talk to him.

“I should probably go and start getting ready then.” I said

“Hahah yeah I should too plus I have to pick Mikayla from daycare.” He said wrapping his arms around me.

“Bye Jordan.” I said as he kissed me lovingly

“Bye sweetie I love you.” He said kissing my nose

“I love you too.” I giggled.  I turned around to see Chaz and Justin staring at me.

“Well since no one is saying anything I’m going to go get ready.” And with that I walked upstairs to my room.  When I got there I fell on my bed thinking of how to fix things with Chaz because if I don’t this summer is going to be worst than I original thought.  Oh well I have a few hours to get ready so I might as well start now.  I called my best friend Kayla and asked her if she wanted to get ready together, I also wanted her to come over because she and Ryan like each other.  I heard the doorbell ring and ran to get it.

“I’ll get it. It’s Kayla.” I yelled to the boys as I opened the door.

“Hey boo.” She yelled as she walked in. we went to my room and I told her everything that happened over the weekend. We decided it was time to get dress so I picked out our outfits. Kayla’s looked like this my outfit looked like this We double checked ourselves in the mirror and headed downstairs to if the guys were ready.  When we got there this is what they were wearing I must say Justin does clean up good. Oh my gosh I  can’t believe I just said that I hate this kid and know I’m thinking about how hot he looks right now.  I have a boyfriend why am I thinking about Justin DAMN IT!  We got in the car without anyone saying a word and arrived at the party a few minutes after that.  You could hear the party from inside the car the ground was shaking from the music and the kids that were outside were shit drunk.  I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting night.

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