Free Falling

Hey I’m Lizzy Somers, yes Chaz's sister. We are twins to be exact he is 4 minutes older than me and he will never let me forget it. You guys are probably wondering if i know Justin Bieber. Well i do kind of i met him twice and the only reason i saw him was because Chaz forced me to. See i hate Justin so whenever he came over i left or stayed in my room and Chaz and Ryan (my brother from another mother) were fine with that because they didn't want me falling for Justin ha! Like that could ever happen!


2. Arrival

*Lizzy POV*


We got to school after the very awkward car ride which consisted of my glaring at Chaz while Ryan told me that Justin and Ryan were both staying the summer at Chaz and mines house while all of our parents go on vacation. I didn’t mind Ryan because he was like my brother but I hate Justin and that will never change. I jumped out of the car and made my way into school being stopped by a few people saying hi and a bunch of guys checking me out. I immediately walked over to Jordan and kissed him on the cheek causing him to ignore the person he was talking to and focus his attention on me.

“Hey beautiful” he said placing his hands on my bare waist.

“Hi Jordy-Bear” I said while laughing at him as his face scrunched up. See he hates when I call him that so I only do when I want something.

“What do you want Lizzy?” he said laughing

“Well you see Chaz told me right before we got in the car that Justin was spending the summer at my house while his parents, Chaz and mines parents, and Ry’s parents go on a vacation. And you know I hate Justin so I was thinking that you could maybe spend a lot of time at my house this summer? Please Jordan???” I asked batting my lashes

“Of course I would babe. Plus we would be spending a lot of time in your room right” he asked wiggling his eyebrows. For those of you who are thinking that I’m a slut I’m not me and Jordan haven’t had sex yet he is like most guys and tends to get pervy a lot. Before I could answer Chaz walked up and said “No that’s not going to happen and Jordan get your hands off my sister before I break them.”

“Damn it Chaz knock it off. You’re really pissing me off today.” I shot back pressing my body against Jordan just to make Chaz mad.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. I was informed that Justin was going to be at my house when I get home from the football game because Ryan and Chaz somehow got out of football to go pick him up from the airport. Even if I liked Justin I wouldn’t have went with them to pick him up because I wasn’t allowed to. Being the head cheerleader has its advantages but it also has its downfalls. You can’t miss a single game or practice even if you’re sick, you have to keep your grades up to an A, you have to be an example which means no drugs or sleeping around or partying (everyone ignores the partying rule and most of the cheerleaders ignore the sleeping around rule), and last you have to be respectful to teachers even if you hate them. The game finished and I was waiting for Jordan to get done with his shower so we can leave. I might as well call Chaz to tell them we won 49-42 which means we are State Champs!!!


*on the phone*


 Uhm Chaz is that you?

No it’s Justin who is this?

UGH! Justin its Lizzy – he interrupted me

Well hello gorgeous what can I do for you?

EW. Just put Chaz on the phone

No I think I would rather talk to you

Justin please just put my brother on the phone I have something exciting to tell him.

Nope just tell him when you get your ass home. Speaking of when are you getting home nasty?

I will be home soon I’m just waiting for Jordan .And I find it funny that you go from calling me gorgeous to nasty in the matter of 3 minutes.


And he hung up

*end phone conversation*


I can’t believe he hung up on me that ass! Great and I forgot my cloths in Ryan’s car so I have to go home in my uniform luckily Jordan will be with me so hopefully Justin won’t start anything.


*Chaz POV*

“Hey man who was on the phone?” I asked Justin because he looked extremely pissed

“oh it was just your sister” he said tensing his jaw.

“well what did she say?”

“I don’t know she is going to tell you when she gets home with some Jordan kid.” He said.

“Are you kidding me I told her he wasn’t coming over!”I yelled while Justin looked confused and Ryan was trying not to laugh

“Dude you know she is going to do whatever she wants no matter what you say.” Ryan said as I glared him

“wait who is Jordan?” Justin asked looking really confused

“Jordan is Lizzy’s boyfriend and Chaz doesn’t like the fact that she is dating him even though we both know he is a nice guy and wouldn’t hurt her. Chaz and Lizzy got into a bit of an argument today in school because Lizzy asked Jordan to spend as much time and he could here with her this summer and Lizzy decided that Jordan was going to spend the night tonight and Chaz of course threatened him.” Ryan explained to Justin

“well sorry if I don’t want my little sister pregnant” I argued back

“she is not going to get pregnant they haven’t even had sex yet and I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to start with all of us in the house.” Ryan stated

“Wait how do you know they havn’t had sex yet?” I asked

“well she kind of told me when I asked her if they had sex.” Ryan answered while Justin just watched the two of us bicker. Just as I was about to reply Jordan came in carrying Lizzy (A/N she was in the position for a piggy backride only in the front so she was like straddling him and he was holding her up by her but with her arms around his neck.)


*Lizzy POV*


“Jay! Stop it put me down I don’t know where the guys are!” I yelled while laughing as we walked in the door to the house

“But baby” he pouted as we came around the corner walking into the living room. His lips were on my neck and I was trying to hold in my moan knowing that he was on my sweet spot I didn’t know how long I could hold it in

“Jordan Andrew put me down before my brother sees you giving me a hickey” I said trying not laugh. He was laughing as he moved away from my neck and looked me in the eyes. He suddenly stopped laughing and placed me on the floor quickly. While I stood there confused at what he was looking at. I turned around to see Chaz glaring at Jordan and I. it looked like her was about to explode. Ryan was trying not to laugh because it would have made Chaz mad. And Justin was standing there shocked looking me up and down. I realized that I was still in my uniform and grabbed Jordan’s hand leading him out of the room trying to make it to the stairs and up to my room before anyone stopped us. We had just made it to the stairs when I heard “Freeze Lizzy!” come out of Chaz’s mouth.

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