why me!!!

Serena was a a normal girl from a normal family, she had normal friends, and went to a normal school. she was basically the average 16 year old. Until she mistakenly kissed harry styles. yes, THE HARRY STYLES. papparazi got a few shots, and every thing from then on went down hill. read this movella and experience the ups and downs, romances and break ups, love and hate, as serena is now forced to live with the boy band ONE DIRECTION!!!!

i hope u enjoy this. there will be a sequel!!! :D <3


4. i was right about trouble


                          Screams coming down from the hallway sounded like a boy band was walking through it. the curly brown hair i saw in between the crowds confirmed my suspicion. there was a boy band walking through the hallway. i walked a little bit farther to the left to get a better view ignoring alice who was fangirling next to me. the crowd came to a complete halt as harry styles stopped in front of me.

                                           "your in the way of my locker" he said rudely. i was appalled. he could have at least looked me in the eye when he said it. i turned around to see the locker number. "this isn't your locker, this is my friend alices", i gestured to alice with my eyes and saw she wasn't there.

                            i followed the hurt look in sams eyes and saw alice flirting with zayn. i rolled my eyes. "who are you rolling your eyes at? huh?",harry said towering over me. honestly, at that moment, i felt a little intimidated which made me take a step back. " not at you jerk" i said. then at that moment i realized what i had called him and immediately regret it. "what did you just call me?" he said coming closer. thats when some guy that i think is named louis hit harry on the back, saying,"come on, cut her some slack". when he hit harry on the back, harry jerked forward land on me. more specifically, on my lips. KISSING ME!!!!!


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