why me!!!

Serena was a a normal girl from a normal family, she had normal friends, and went to a normal school. she was basically the average 16 year old. Until she mistakenly kissed harry styles. yes, THE HARRY STYLES. papparazi got a few shots, and every thing from then on went down hill. read this movella and experience the ups and downs, romances and break ups, love and hate, as serena is now forced to live with the boy band ONE DIRECTION!!!!

i hope u enjoy this. there will be a sequel!!! :D <3


6. goodness gracious


                         i got grabbed by the legs and pulled into the other stall. when i got in i could hear harry pounding on the walls yelling for me to fight them. the girls attacked like a pack of wild lions, scratching and clawing at me. they began to pull my ears and hair yelling profanities at me. tears began to seep from my eyes as it began to hurt. just then, someone opened the door. it was harry. he looked so beautiful in the glare of the lights. then i noticed a cut on his cheek, clothes ripped, and hair in all directions. he must have fought hard to get in there. just then, one of the girls kicked me straight in the chest. "get away from her, you witch" he yelled at the girl. he bent to pick me up, and i heard the girl he yelled at crying, and the others comforting her like she had just had her mother die. when he picked me up, he looked at me. he mouthed the words 'I'm sorry'. thats when every thing went dark.

                    i woke up to see 5 faces staring down at me, one with a dripping bucket in his hands. i notice the one holding the bucket was the one who pushed harry towards me.louis. and then it hit me like a block of ice. literally, one ice block fell out of the bucket making me notice that i was soaking wet. instinctively, i kicked the bucket out of louis's hand, and then wrapped his arm around his back making the other guys back up quickly and louis to yell out in pain. " oowww, let go, let go, I'm sorry". just then i saw harry come up behind me and knee me at the back of my calves, making me loose my grip on louis, and tumble to the ground. "owwy, what the heck was that for?" i yelled, making the boys topple over laughing. "where am i?" i asked looking around the room. " i can tell I'm in the rich persons room by the smell" i added, making the boys laugh even harder. " then you must have a pretty good sense of smell because your in my room" harry replied trying to catch his breath. i immediately aw the front door and began walking towards it. as i began opening it, i heard a yell. "no don't-", i ignored it and opened it any way.

                 the flashing of lights half blinded me and the yelling of people deafened me before  five broad hands began pulling me in. i tumbled in landing on one of the boys toppling to the ground. i looked up and saw it was harry. before i could get of he smirked and pushed me of. " don't flatter yourself" he said before putting his fore finger in his mouth making a gagging noise. i rolled my eyes at him and made my way to the window by the door, opened the blinds and came face to face with a woman who was squished up against the window with at least a hundred camera men behind her. harry came up behind me and closed the blinds quickly. "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON" i yelled. then felt a blinding pain on my chest. i began to fall back wards and closed my eyes for the fealing of pain i was about to encounter. but then before i hit the ground, i was caught by someones arms. i looked up to see harry smirking at me. i frowned at him before i blacked out again.

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