why me!!!

Serena was a a normal girl from a normal family, she had normal friends, and went to a normal school. she was basically the average 16 year old. Until she mistakenly kissed harry styles. yes, THE HARRY STYLES. papparazi got a few shots, and every thing from then on went down hill. read this movella and experience the ups and downs, romances and break ups, love and hate, as serena is now forced to live with the boy band ONE DIRECTION!!!!

i hope u enjoy this. there will be a sequel!!! :D <3


3. big news means trouble


                                                  After a while she came back to us wide eyed and her jaw gaping open. " you know, if you keep it like that your face will permanently be like that" i said to her as i putting in my locker combination. i turned back around after putting in my stuff, her face was still like that. " okay, enough with the johnny bravo look, what did you hear?" i asked impatiently. "w-w-w-one dir-r-r-rection i-is schooling at our sc-sc-school starting t-t-today!!!" she stuttered.

                               i couldn't believe my ears. i could see from the look on sams face that he wasn't happy. you see, sam has a huge crush on alice, i found out in 7th grade then i saw him making out with her yearbook picture. any who, he doesn't at all like the fact that alice is going to be licking the path of were one direction walks, especially zayn. "not a big deal", i replied, making sam smile in relief. it didn't last long. 

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