why me!!!

Serena was a a normal girl from a normal family, she had normal friends, and went to a normal school. she was basically the average 16 year old. Until she mistakenly kissed harry styles. yes, THE HARRY STYLES. papparazi got a few shots, and every thing from then on went down hill. read this movella and experience the ups and downs, romances and break ups, love and hate, as serena is now forced to live with the boy band ONE DIRECTION!!!!

i hope u enjoy this. there will be a sequel!!! :D <3


2. bff's


                                           As i walked out side, i saw my best friend alice walking over to me, she lives a few blocks away from me. we've been friends ever since we were three year olds, and have never had a fight. "hey serena, vas' happening" she greeted."nothing, you still obsessing over zayn?" i asked smirking at her."obviously! he is so ama-zayn!" she said cracking up at her own joke." ha-ha, very funny", i replied sarcastically.

                                          As we made our way into school, we saw our other best friend, sam. i, sam and alice met in 6th grade. we got lockers next to each other and a few classes together. we became best friends ever since."hi guys, whats up?" he asked as he walked over. "every things great how about you?" alice replied. "its all good!!!" he replied.

                                        We got lockers next to each other again. ALRIGHT!!!!!! A group of girls across from our lockers were huddled up in a group, and of course, alice let her curiosity get the best of her. 

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