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Serena was a a normal girl from a normal family, she had normal friends, and went to a normal school. she was basically the average 16 year old. Until she mistakenly kissed harry styles. yes, THE HARRY STYLES. papparazi got a few shots, and every thing from then on went down hill. read this movella and experience the ups and downs, romances and break ups, love and hate, as serena is now forced to live with the boy band ONE DIRECTION!!!!

i hope u enjoy this. there will be a sequel!!! :D <3


8. apologies and discoveries

          Serena's POV

        the closet door suddenly swung open. there in the door way, stood blushing harry. the boys had left the room. he looked up and down my body before i realized i was in a towel. i gasped and grabbed a coat from behind me on the hanger and wrapped it around me quickly. harry blushing furiously, turned away quickly. "what are you doing here, and how long have you been in here?" he asked." long enough to hear your conversation with the boys", i replied, suddenly finding my toes interesting.

          Harry's POV

         when i was talking to the boys, i heard someone giggle in the closet. it sounded familiar. i looked at the closet and saw a toe peaking under. i gasped and told the boys to quickly go check on serena. louis winked at me causing me to role my eyes. after they left, i tip toed to the closet, and swung it open reavealing serena with only a towel on. she gasped and threw a coat from behind her on. i began to blush. i looked down her tanned legs and saw that they were still damp with water.

           i turned away and asked her what she was doing there. but i noticed a bruise going up her chest. she told me she heard my conversation with the boys and the made me blush even harder. but i was curios about the bruise. "wait a minute, put your towel up" i said. before i realized how wrong it sounded, she put me in my place calling me a perv, that i am. " no not that, hold on" i said and turned into the bedroom. i scowered through my drawers and found a pair of sweat pants and a sweater. i handed it to her and just stood there.

          " i need some privacy you know" she said with a humored tone. "oh, sorry" i replied turning around, closing the door, but leaving a crack so there would be some light. just then louis walked into the room asking me who i was talking to. SHOOT!!!

         Serena's POV

         "wait a minute, put your towel up" he said worriedly as he turned back to me. "WHAT!?! EWW NO, GET AWAY FROM ME PERV!!!" i whisper yelled. " no not that, hold on" he said as he walked away from the closet. i heard him go into the bedroom, and he came out with something folded in is arms. " here, wear this" he said handing it to me. he stood there staring at me."need privacy you know" i said with a humored tone. "oh sorry" he said turning around closing the closet, but leaving a crack so there would be light. "harry, who are you talking to? and where is serena?!?" i heard louis voice say.

          i looked through the crack and harry looked at me panicked. " uh-uhm, no one, i-i i was t-talking to m-my self, ahahaha" harry replied nervously. sigh, what a tosser(look for definition). " harry, step away from the closet" i heard louis voice say. "never" harry replied with fear. total wander, i thought throwing the clothes on. "BOYS!!! GET IN HERE!!!" louis yelled. i heard a stampede of foot steps. " you find her yet?" i heard liams voice say. " no, but i think harry here is hiding something in the closet", i heard louis say. i peaked through the crack and saw louis staring at the closet. he turned to look and his eyes turned wide. I've been discovered!!! SHOOT!!!

          " whats that i hear, i think its serena, go get her" louis said. the boys began running the other direction and slammed the door behind them leaving harry and louis in the room. harry moved away from the door and i opened it to see harry talking to louis. "nothing happened, i swear, she was in there when you left" harry said to louis, doing a face palm. "yeah, sure, so why was she in your closet with a towel on?  may not be liam, but I'm not stupid" louis replied pointing into harrys face. "you bullied her 3 years of her life? shame on you" louis said. " i was 11, what was i to know, i was a complete jerk, still am" harry said running his hands through his hair. could he be that harry? no, he's long gone. but maybe.....

           " are you the harry from 6th grade?" i asked. there was an awkward silence. harry looked down and i caught some emotions on his face that i couldn't explain, sadness, guilt, and shame? "are you or are you not harry" i asked again raising my voice. he flinched at the sound of my tone. " I'm sorry, but i am" he said his voice trailing off. no no no no no, i thought. the harry that hated me. the harry that bullied me. the harry that at some point protected me. the harry that i fell for, and never fell out of love with. why him. the curly hair and dimples set of an alarm of butterflies n my stomach. die butterflies die. the tears began to flow down my face and i fell to the floor crying.

          louis came over and embraced me in a tight hug mumbling is okay into my hair. that sent me of the edge and started bawling my eyes out with harry standing there panicked and helpless. he never like girls crying in front of him. he came in the place of louis and for some reason i felt safer and warmer. " I'm sorry, he whispered into my ear. i began drifting of, and dreamt about harry and the good old days.

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