life saver

a 19 year old girl named melanie had a big secret,only one person could get her through everyday her idol,justin bieber,his voice shoothed her,it relexed her in her time of need.what would you do if you were abused?


3. the studio

he brought me to a large studio with a large table filled with snacks of all kinds"this is my studio."he said spinning around.i looked around in awe."whoa......what a sec your justin-"i was cut off"'bieber,yea now u know"my mouth fell open.''whats wrong dont you love being you cuz i know i love you for being you."he blushed"i do love being me but-just treat me like any one else,and youve got the job."i was fine with that but i was a little curious of why he hated being him."alright....what do you want me to do?"he looked really nervous and sad"you know how you said any job would do.........well you are the janitor."he looked so adorable when he was nervous i barely heard what he said."o-ooookkkkk."i said staring at him intently he winked at me which made me melt causing him to laugh because i reacted how he wanted me too."haha,your so cute.''i blushed and giggled."sooooo''we stared at each other which felt like hours but turned out to be 2 minutes.we leaned in slowly.i felt our lips touch it felt like a fire was burning through my body.if i could i would have stayed like this forever.he backed up looking more surprised than me."i love you."he whispered.i had met him an hour ago we kissed and he,and we already loved each other."i love you too."we exchanged numbers and kissed good night.

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