life saver

a 19 year old girl named melanie had a big secret,only one person could get her through everyday her idol,justin bieber,his voice shoothed her,it relexed her in her time of need.what would you do if you were abused?


4. talking

*rinnnnng*my alarm clock blares"uuuuuggggghhhh shut up!!"i screamed muffling my ears with my pillows.STILL LOUD!upset,i throw my pillows at my alarm throwing it to the phone vibrates on my dresser.

FROM my love<3:hey beautyful whats up?he had picked the name when he typed it in phone i laughed when i saw it, i imediatly knew who i was.

TO my love<3

FROM emmy<3:nothin you<3?

it took him a while to reply so i dozed off.i woke up a few minutes later and walked down stairs to get some breakfast when my phone rang.

TO emmy<3:hey wanna get something to eat?

FROM emmy<3:sure how about in 10 minutes?

TO emmy<3:sure

i got ready and put on ALOT of lipgloss i had a feeling id need it.*honk honk,i grabbed my purse and ran down stairs "hey jay jay!"i said.he got out of the car and opened the car door for me i thanked him and got in.''hey so where to?"i thought about it and smiled"surprise me."he nodded and we left.he turned up the radio and sang along."what doesnt kill you makes you stronger stand a little taller"he forgot the words which made me laugh."da da da da da da......mmmhhhmmmm,YEAH!"i bust out laughing which was really embarresing.he winked at me which made me  melt all over again.





srry if that was too long!but PLZ tell me if your enjoying the story and thank you to all my loyal readers oh yeah and dont for get to favorite.LUV YALL!

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