Never done imagines before but I'm quite happy to give it a try. Will do anyone/anything and rated r just incase!


5. Niall Imagine For MalakHoran2000

I finally began to feel better and decided to get myself ready for going out. I'd been bed ridden with the flu for the past week, my boyfriend Niall had been looking after me, making sure I drank loads and ate loads of soup. Tonight though I had insisted he go out and have some fun with the guys. He hadn't wanted to but after everything he'd done for me it was only what he deserved. I text Danielle to tell her I'd be there in about a hour and her reply made me laugh, she used a good 20 exclamation marks and a dozen happy faces plus the word 'yayyyyyy'. I popped some tunes on and went to have a shower, wash away all the germs. I picked a simple black dress, kitty heels. curled my hair and went for simple, natural make-up... just the way Niall likes it.

Entering the club, the music was thumping and I already felt better. I grabbed a drink and made my way through the crowds to find the table where they all were. Danielle embraced me when she saw me, I said hi to everyone. I didn't see Niall though. "Where's Niall?" I shouted over the music. They all looked blankly at me.

"I have no idea, he's been gone for ages." Harry leaned in and shouted in my ear. I shook all bad thoughts I had and concentrated on having fun. 

Standing up to grab another drink and decided I'd find Niall whilst I was at it. I looked everywhere and had no luck but then by the toilets, I noticed what I thought was a familiar figure. Investigating, I felt my heart break in two, Niall was kissing another woman, his hands were all over her. I didn't even make my presence known, I just ran back to the table asking Danielle if she could take me to hers. My tear stained cheeks were evident to everyone but I didn't wanna talk about it.

"Malak what's wrong? Talk to me sweets." She asked soothingly as we made the short walk to where she lived.

"I found Niall and he had his tongue down some other girl's throat."

"Oh sweety, what did you say to him?"

"Nothing, I don't think he even saw me."

"Don't worry, you can stay at mine tonight."

"Thank you."

The Morning After... Niall's POV

My head was pounding and looking around I realised I was at Louis' place. Why wasn't I at home? I made my way downstairs and heard familiar voices from everyone. "Morning guys what's up?" I said cheerily.

"Sit down Niall." Liam answered, they all looked seriously peeved.

"What's up?" I asked nervously.

"Last night, do you remember anything?" Harry asked.

I looked downward trying my hardest to think, my mind was totally blank. "No why?"

"You cheated on Malak..." Liam began.

"I did what?" I asked shocked.

"You were kissing some other bird and she saw you. Danielle took her back to hers." Louis added.

I put my head in my hands. What have I done? I loved Malak so much and right now I didn't know if I'd completely blown it with the one person who completes me. "I have to go see her." I didn't sit there long enough for anyone to try to stop me or tell me I had to give it time. I left without saying good bye to any of them and walked the mile to Danielle's place.

"Niall what are you doing here?" Danielle asked when she saw it was me.

"I need to see Malak."

"Tough, she's in a bad enough state without you making it worse."

"That's why I'm here, to explain."

She was about to open her mouth again but Malak's voice stopped her. "Danni it's fine."

Danielle let me enter and then disappeared. I ran to Malak and grabbed her hands. "I am so so sorry. I generally didn't know what I was doing. I know it's a lame excuse but I don't even remember doing it. It was a huge mistake and one that I will regret for the rest of my life. Please please forgive me. I don't know what I'd do without you." I knew I was practically begging but it shows just how much I want her to be with me.

"Okay Niall but one more time and that's it, we're done." I smiled and picked her up in my arms, spinning her around, kissing her softly. Very happy she managed to forgive me, it's not a mistake I will make again.


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