Never done imagines before but I'm quite happy to give it a try. Will do anyone/anything and rated r just incase!


2. Niall Imagine For LilyRox132

Niall's POV

I made the finishing touches to the meal I'd cooked for my girlfriend of a year Lily. I'd gone for a chicken korma, it was one of her favourite meals although she loved all food. One of the many reasons I loved her. Justin Bieber was playing on the stereo, the candles were lit and I just had to wait for her to arrive home. She had no idea about any of this, and I loved the idea of surprising her. Seeing her sea blue eyes light up, makes my world a whole lot brighter. I'd lined up ice cream and The Hunger Games for after too, her favourite movie. She was being spoilt tonight.


Sitting with the lads at Nando's, the girls on the table next to me kept catching my eye. One in particular. She had medium brown hair and the most captivating blue eyes I'd ever seen. I kept glancing slightly, hoping she caught my eye too and thankfully she did. I watched her engulf this huge feast and was amazed. Never seen a woman eat that much before. Being witness to that meant I had to talk to her...

"Erm Hi, that was quite a feast you put away." I said smiling.

"Thank you, I do love my food."

"Me too. Niall." I said holding my hand out.

"I know who you are." She said with a laugh. "Lily Rose." She added, taking my hand and shaking it lightly.

End Flashback

I often thought back to how we met, from that moment we were glued at the hip. She was almost like the female equivalent to me, I was slightly older but only by a few months. We fitted together like two puzzle pieces.

Hearing the door go, I knew it was her and I took a deep breath, even now I was nervous seeing her. "Hey Princess." I said smiling as she entered the dining room.

"Heyy Nialler, what's all this?" She replied, kissing me on the cheek.

"I wanted to surprise you."

"Awww you're too sweet to me!" I felt my cheeks blush.

"Only because it's what you deserve." I took my seat opposite her and we dug into our food, both of us starving. Not much was said but it's how we always ate, our love for food just overtook our love for each other. 

"Nialler that was amazing!" She said, bloated.

"Thank you but were not done yet."


I shook my head. "Nope, we are going to dig into some ice cream and watch The Hunger Games."

"I am one lucky girl! I love you!"

"I love you too!"

We snuggled up on the sofa, ice cream in one hand, spoon in the other. Blanket over us. I glanced over and smiled, realising how perfect this was and how perfect she was. She truly is my princess.

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