Never done imagines before but I'm quite happy to give it a try. Will do anyone/anything and rated r just incase!


6. Harry/Louis Imagine For xoMK

I weaved through the busy streets of London with urgency. I only had a limited amount of time so every second counts. I reached the destination and slipped in. Nothing was said, our lips just locked in a kiss full of passion and want. Gasps of satisfaction escaped both our mouths as our tongues fought for dominance. He moved me backwards, laying me down on an old sofa. His hands were all over me, my skin covered in goose bumps. He moved his lips to my neck and further down, removing my dress at the same time. I pulled at this clothes, wanting our bare skin touching. We still didn't utter a word, just moans of ecstasy filled the room. Sweat dripped from our bodies as we reached our climax.

He climbed off me breathless and as I sat up, I heard him sigh. "We have to stop doing this Makyla..."

I sighed back. "I know Louis, but it's so hard. How many times have we tried and failed?!"

"So many but this would tear Harry apart, it's wrong." He replied as he grabbed his discarded clothes.

I stood up, pulling my dress over my body. "You really think we can just go back to the way things used to be after everything that's happened?"

"Believe me I don't want to, but we have to." He kissed me once more before disappearing into the hustle and bustle of London. I sighed once more before fixing my hair and make-up and leaving the place that for the past few months, had been where I'd met up with Louis.

I knew it was wrong, we both did. But it was like a drug, we just wanted more and more. It had been happening for about three months and I'd been with Harry about a year. Harry was the sweetest guy, he'd shown me things I'd never known before. I did love him, but Louis was the complete opposite. He was dangerous. That was what lured me too him. We have tried to stop before but we just can't seem to get enough of each other.

I took a deep breath before entering the flat I shared with Harry. I shouted him but got no response. I heard faint music coming from the basement so went to investigate. I stayed hidden, listening to Harry sing a song I didn't recognise...

Story of my life, searching for the right, but it keeps avoiding me, sorrow in my soul ‘cause it seems that wrong,really loves my company, and I know that she is unfaithful and it kills me inside, to know that she is happy with some other guy, I can tell I'm dying, I don't wanna do this anymore, she knows she's the reason why, every time she walks out the door, It kills me a little more inside...

I wiped away the tears falling from my cheeks. My heart was at the back of my throat. He'd known all this time and I hadn't seen the signs. I wondered why he still stayed with me, or why he hadn't confronted me. I text Louis telling him what I'd heard, we knew then that we had to stop. There'd only be so much before it all blew up.

I stepped into the make shift studio, smiling. He stopped singing and I could see the hurt in his eyes. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him passionately. He was taken aback because I hadn't done that for a while but eventually he warmed to it and kissed me back. No longer was I going to be unfaithful.

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