A Job Fom Hell

Sami Boyce is an 18 year old girl who has just finished high school. Her mom sends her off to a place in Europe where she could start making money.What Sami doesnt know is that its in the middle of the woods. And she will have to work with people who are DIFFERENT. Will she stay or run for her life. Read to find out.


2. Meeting A New Friend < Authors Note >

       Sami's P.O.V.

                      I quickly turned around prepairing myself for the worse but then the sweet voice said something that completely shocked me. " You must be the new house keeper, I will be the one showing you around ".Once I realized how beautiful this lady was I quickly was calmed down. " Um,yeah, my mom told me my boss was a dude, no offence but your not a dude", "Oh well sorry to disappiont you". She laughed a little then continued talking. " Im the bosses how you say it, GIRLFRIEND!". That lady practically shouted at me.

                   OH HELL NO.

                 "UM, what did I do to you" I said looking at her with anger in my eyes. " Oh, sorry,  I just uhhhhhhh....... me and Zayn just started dating, he is what you call a player" I was confused. Who is this Zayn guy, asking myself buit I think I said it out loud because she answered me right away." Oh Zayn, he is your new boss.'

                I wonder when I can meet this Zayn guy.He seems to have effect on women around here. Speaking of knowing people I dont know this mystery girl's name. "I hope you dont mind me asking but what is your name?" " Oh my name is Tracie, Tracie Leehman" . I paused for a second and started talking about myself. " Well, my name is Sami, Sami Boyce, I used to live in New York but moved here in London For a job." When I looked over to her to see if she was paying attention she quickly stopped me. " Whats wrong, did I say something" " No its just getting dark, I-I should get you upstairs".

               She held onto my arm while she was clearly shaking. Tracie took me into a room what I suppose is mine. " Uh.. this is your new room, get ready and take a shower I'll get you some decent  dinner clothes" Tracie said running out of the room.I took off my pink tank top and my black skinny jeans and jumped into the shower. After drying off and brushing my teeth I went out of the bathroom and look at this skin tight dress. Thank god my mom made me go to the gym every weekend. I put on this red skin tight dress that was just below the knee.

               I went back into the bathroom and brushed out my black curly hair. I put on a little bit of eyeliner to make my blue eyes pop out.Once I was done with that, I took one more glance at myself and I have to admit, I WAS SEXY! " Oh Sami the dinner is ready" Tracie came in and dragged me down stairs. Once I was back on my feet I was face to face with five young men.



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