A Job Fom Hell

Sami Boyce is an 18 year old girl who has just finished high school. Her mom sends her off to a place in Europe where she could start making money.What Sami doesnt know is that its in the middle of the woods. And she will have to work with people who are DIFFERENT. Will she stay or run for her life. Read to find out.



   Tracie's P.O.V.

                    I kept my eyes on Zayn the hole time during dinner.I dont know, but I have a feeling that Sami is umm...  GOOD with getting what she wants. I know Im crazy, but I just dont want the same thing to happen with Zayn and Sami like with what happen with him and that tramp Jessica.



                   " Zayn, Im home". I heard something thud on the ground. " Zayn... is that you upstairs, dont you dare scare me" I said smiling opening my bedroom door. My smile quickly faded when I saw him in bed with some girl. They quickly stopped when they noticed I was there." Tracie what the hell are you doing, cant you see Im busy". I new I wasnt his girlfriend YET, but seeing him with that tramp actually hurt me

                 " Oh sorry I- JESSICA " I yelled noticing my bestfriend in bed with Zayn. How could she do this to me, she knew how much I liked him. " Tracie, I didnt know you were coming so early " Jessica said with a fake ass smile. I quickly ran out of the room. I know you think Im crazy and obsessed with Zayn but he kissed me before. " Tracie please, wait" I heard Jessica yelling chasing me. I made it to my car before she could catch me. I Knew that I would never talk to her again.

                                                      <<<<<<<<<,END Of FLASHBACK>>>>>>>>>>    

                                        I just want my realationship with Zayn to last. I truely love him.

       Sami's P.O.V.

                    It was so awkward during dinner.I finally broke the silence by asking everyone a question. " Umm, so what are your names". The guy with the cute curly hair and breath taking green eyes answered me first. " Well, my name is Harry Styles", he said with a mouth fool of taco.The next one to answer was the one with blonde hair and romantic blue eyes. " Well , my name is Niall Horan and Im the only one who is not from the U.K." he said with the cutest irish accent.One after another thay answered. The one who was wareing stripes with a bird in his lap was named Loius Tomlinson. Liam Payne was the one who was eating his soup with a fork.Dont ask, I honestly dont know why.

                     Then the last one to answer was the one and onley Zayn Malik. He was wearing a black sauit that fit him perfectly. He looked soooo hot and he was so mysterious. No I cant feel this way about my new friends boyfriend. Its just wrong. When dinner was done we all just sat in this room in silence.

                Finally Loius suggested we should play a game." Hey guys, lets play truth or dare." He said in an excited voice.




                  FINALLY i got to update < PLEASE keep reading it will get better




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