A Job Fom Hell

Sami Boyce is an 18 year old girl who has just finished high school. Her mom sends her off to a place in Europe where she could start making money.What Sami doesnt know is that its in the middle of the woods. And she will have to work with people who are DIFFERENT. Will she stay or run for her life. Read to find out.


1. Arriving

     Sami's P.O.V.

                   " Where the hell did you send me off this time " I whispered harshly to my mom over the phone,loud anough for her to hear but not for the taxi driver to hear. " Trust me sweetie, you will love this new job" she stopped for a brief second and whispered quietly into the phone like someone would hear us. "And I also heard that your new boss is way cuter than your usuall crepy ones" I laughed sarcastically. " Yah okay whatever I'll talk to you later" " Okay sweetie hope you like your new job" I smiled at how happy my moms voice was eventhough she has been through alot. I hung up the phone and started to listen to music through my hot pink headphones.

                    I started looking out of the windows noticeing how beautiful my surrondings were. There were trees filled with leaves of all different colors. I was actually surprised at how much life was still in the woods because I new it was the middle of winter.Birds were flying everywhere making a beautiful figure in the sky. The sky was a fushia pink color which was absoulutely breathe taking.Then the car stopped, making me jerk out of my seat.

                    " Excuse me, is there something wrong" I said with concern in my voice. " Um this is as far as I can go, please you need to get out now". "But-" I was cut off by the old man with the thick scottish accent who was in the drivers seat. " Please young lady, the house is just up this dirt road". What was this guys problem. I shrugged it off, not wanting to argue with a man who looked like he has just seen a ghost. I got out of the car and went to the trunk to get my suitcase. Once Iwas out of the way, the taxi sped off to the distance.

                      Once I was alone I felt as if someone was watching me. I shook my head and started walking down the dirt road. The wheels were making the most creepiest noise as I was dragging it across the floor. What seemed like forever, I finally got to what seemed like a castle you would see in a movie.

                     When I came to the front door, I saw the most beautiful flower vases on both side of the door with red roses inside of them. When I was going to knock on this HUGE door it slowly creeked open. I jumped back not expecting that to happen.I slowly walked into the door hoping no one would get mad at me for just barging in. " Um.... Hello ... is anyone here?" I asked, with fear you can totally hear in my voice. After a couple of minutes of silence a sweet voice started talking. " Oh, HI I didnt expect anyone to stop by this early in the day". That made me stop dead in my tracks.



                        PLEASE comment and tell me what u think about it so far .>>> PLEASE be kind this is my FIRST MOVELLA <<<<<<<<<<<< I'll TRy to update if you likeit




                                              LOVE< yours truelly> SAMANTHA

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