Hollow's Eve House

Harry, Vitoria, Niall, Emily, Liam, Sara, Louis, Elenour, Zayn, and Destiny were all normal teens. Then on Halloween they decided to go spend the night at the famous "Haunted House" on their street. Spooky noises, weird happenings and a creepy clown! What will happen? Will they survive? Read to find out!


3. Welcoming Ourselves In

The Next Day


Vitoria's POV

It was about 4:00 pm and we were all waiting for Niall and Emily outside of the house when they just turned the corner. 

We waited about five minutes until we went in. I clung onto Harry's arm like I was holding on for my life. But it wasn't only me, all the girls were holding on to their boyfriend arms. Except Emily, she was on Niall's back. 

We walked in and I was personally expecting something scary or creepy or something but no, we walked in to a normal looking living room. We walked around a little just to see the rooms and the were all normal looking. The bathroom, the kitchen, everything. It was a two story house with three bedrooms and a bathroom on the top floor and a kitchen, guest bathroom and living and dining room on the bottom floor. We were all staying in the living room. I put my sleeping bag (double size) and Harry's on the floor and everyone else did the same. 




sorry for the short chapter!!


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