Hollow's Eve House

Harry, Vitoria, Niall, Emily, Liam, Sara, Louis, Elenour, Zayn, and Destiny were all normal teens. Then on Halloween they decided to go spend the night at the famous "Haunted House" on their street. Spooky noises, weird happenings and a creepy clown! What will happen? Will they survive? Read to find out!


4. Truth Or Dare


Vitoria's POV


"Let's play 'Truth or Dare' guys!" Harry said. 

"Yeah!" Everyone shouted. 

"Vitoria truth or dare?" Louis asked. 

"Umm dare..." I said nervous

"Hmm... I dare you to kiss Harry!" He said. 

I turned to Harry and he was smirking.

"Ok..." I said. 

I turned to Harry and kissed him. I was about to pull back until he pulled me and we fell to the ground. 

"Get a room!!" Destiny said. 

Me and Harry got up and you could tell we were both blushing. 

"My turn." I said. 

"Destiny, truth or dare?" I continued.

"Truth." She said. 

"How long have you liked Zayn?" I asked. 

"Um well, when I first met him, which was 9th grade, I instantly fell in love with him. But it wasn't until 10th grade that we started to date." She answered. 

"Niall, truth or da-" Destiny was cut of by everyone else screaming.

"C-c-clown!!" Sara scream stuttered. 

The clown cam toward us and pulled out a big, bloody clever!!

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