Hollow's Eve House

Harry, Vitoria, Niall, Emily, Liam, Sara, Louis, Elenour, Zayn, and Destiny were all normal teens. Then on Halloween they decided to go spend the night at the famous "Haunted House" on their street. Spooky noises, weird happenings and a creepy clown! What will happen? Will they survive? Read to find out!


2. The Idea

Vitoria's POV

Me and Harry were walking down the street when we stopped at a house. Not just any house but the creepy one, the one that everyone is scared to go upto. We looked at each other for a little until he broke the silence.

"We should spend the night there!" Harry said. 

"We who?" I asked.

"Us and Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and their girlfriend!" He said.

I wasn't too sure about it but I agreed. 

"Let's call them and see if they want to go." Harry said.


They all agreed and we sent the date for tomorrow, since it was Halloween.

About an hour later I was talking to Destiny, because she's like my best friend. 

"I'm not too sure about spending the night at that house" I said to her. 

"Come on!! It'll be FUN!!" She squealed! 

"I don't know." 

We talked for about ten more minutes then we both went home to pack for tomorrow.

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