Hollow's Eve House

Harry, Vitoria, Niall, Emily, Liam, Sara, Louis, Elenour, Zayn, and Destiny were all normal teens. Then on Halloween they decided to go spend the night at the famous "Haunted House" on their street. Spooky noises, weird happenings and a creepy clown! What will happen? Will they survive? Read to find out!


8. Love At First Sight?

Niall's POV

I was so upset when Emily died. I don't I'll ever fall in love again!! IM SO HUNGRY!! I 


Everyone that was left was huddled up in the corner when the doorbell rang. 

"Zayn where are you?" Destiny said. 

"Zayn?!" I said. 

"ZAYN WHERE ARE YOU?!" Destiny yelled. She was getting freaked out. 

"I'm at the door answering it, unlike you cowards." Zayn said. Destiny let out a sigh of relief when she heard his voice. 

"Hi!! Pizza Delivery!" The girl said. We were all at the door looking at her with weird faces. Then there was me, stunned. She was HOT! She had straight blond hair that went do to her shoulder. Blue-Green eyes. 

"Thanks, do you want to come in?" I asked her. 

"Sure, I just got fired cause I yelled at my boss." She said. 

"What's your name?" Liam asked.

"Bethany!" She said. 

"I'm Niall, he's Harry, she's Vitoria, that's Liam, that-" She cut me off.

"I know who you guys are! I'm a directioner!!" She said. We talked for at least two hours, Bethany is a great person. 

"Umm, I have to use the rest room." Bethany said. "It's up the stairs and to your left" Liam said. And with that she left. 


Bethany's POV

I pulled out my phone when I got to the bathroom and dialed my boss. 

"Kay boss I'm here, what do I do now?" I asked him. 

(Conversation B-Bethany, Boss-Boss)

Boss- In your bag there is some poison. 

B- I have to poison my favourite band?

Boss-Well what did you think you were gonna do? Bake cookies?

B-Not a bad idea. 

Boss-Well you put in a cup with water and have them drink it. They will die almost instantly. Then you make a dash for it. 

B-I don't want to though!!

Boss-Well bye bye million dollars!

B-Fine I'll do it! Bye!

*End Of Phone Call*

I didn't want to but my family needed the money. 


Sara's POV

I over heard Bethany's phone call with her boss. I ran as fast as I could without making a sound and told everyone what I heard. As if on cue Bethany came down with juice. 

"Hey I brought you guys some juice. It's orange!" She said. We all made an excuse to not drink it, she pouted.

"Well I want some." Niall said. *mental facepalm* He was about to take a sip and...

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