play to win

~warning 13+~I didn't expect this to happen this way him grabbing my sides slowly moving down to my theighs pulling me up to where my legs wrapped around his body. As he lays me down slowly kissing up my stomach to my chest I was in paradise.


7. Who is she?

~Embrianna~  It's the end of the day I walk outside to Harry blushing as he talked to the girl with long blond hair, green eyes like his but more feminine but catlike, and her grinning as he talked. I scrunched up my nose but then unscruncing it as I walked up to them sweetly "Hi babe!" I say pecking him on the lips to show her he was mine and i'm not letting you take him. Harry knew what I was doing as he looks at me in annoyance and disbelief. "Hi im Taylor Malinson!" the girl says cheerfully "Oh im sorry i didn't see you there" I replied in a sweet tone but then a rude one "The cheer squad is that way" shooing her away. "Ok then uhhh bye Harry?" the girl replys with a slighrly curved voice. Harry looked at me pissed his smile then turned to a frown.

~Harry~  "What the hell Em!" I hollers at He "you don't need to yell at me" she replys "Well maybe if you wern't such a bitch to Taylor I wouldn't be!" "Oh so im the bitch if you wern't flirtting with the damn girl right in front of me I wouldn't be like that!" with anger and hatred in her voice "Haven't you ever thought Em that there is a resson im with you and not her..." as she stared at me walking away giving it thought.

~Embrianna~  I started to chase after him "Harry wait!" he stopped in the middle of the street "What?"...CRASH!!! as my heart dropped seeing Harry lying on the floor "HARRY NO!!!" I yelped running to his cold unconcious body the peramedics took Harry away into a portal that soon became dark praying he was okay.

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