play to win

~warning 13+~I didn't expect this to happen this way him grabbing my sides slowly moving down to my theighs pulling me up to where my legs wrapped around his body. As he lays me down slowly kissing up my stomach to my chest I was in paradise.


5. The dorm

~Harry~  *ding ding* "hello" "uhhh Harry this is Em I have decided to stay in the dorm tonight so can you come here so we can finish the project?" "Yeah thats fine bye" "bye"  This was it the moment I could make her fell pleasured I was ready WAS READY please I am ready to experience her wild seductive side and trust me when im done with her she will really want me to hit the pedal heavy metal I bet she'll be saying my name in no time.

~Embrianna~  I have reached my goal I am getting him tonight I can't wait til he gives me what im wanting skin to skin im ready for it him grabbing me by the sides putting me onto the counter and me wrapping my legs around his muscular body and giving him what I want him to get as he lands me on the bed ready to send pleasure through my veins.

*knock knock* "hang on!" what am I wearing I need to change into something a little more sexier I pull out my white silk shirt with red lace around the collar taking off my shorts and just wearing my red laced underwear "Coming!" my voice eechoes I open the door to see...Louie? I say in disbelief "Uhhh" he says with his mouth wide open heres H-Harry's s-stuff he l-left it a-at the f-flat "thanks" I reply.

~Harry~  I reach Em's flat raising my hand knocking on the door "Just a sec!" I hear her sweet innocent voice but then she opens the door...OH shes not innocent she is a very bad kitten dressed in a silk top with red lace on the collar with red laced underwear "how did she know I loved when a girl wore red underwear?" I really fancy Em "Hi Haz" she lightly pecks me on th cheek "hello love" but I kiss her on the lips hres slowly started to move with mine then I gently place my tongue on her lips she let me in and she starts messaging her tongue with mine.

~Embrianna~  I realize that I lose my balance as I back up I fall onto the bed Harry takes my top off then starts laying rows of kisses from my pantie line to my chest as I lightly clawed at his back feeling what I wanted. Letting out a moan I could feel Harry smiling,licking, and then nibbling. Im tangling my fingers through his wild curls as he pulls down my underwear his tongue moving lower and lower until he reached where I wanted himhe pulls down my uderwear & pants with his teeth givinghim permisson for him to do what he needed but instead of entering he licks his lips and starts eating me as I lay my arms out grasping the sheets "Mhm ohhhh H-Harry ahh I-Im r-ready ohhh!"

~Harry~  Well... she wants me to go all the way so I pull out what she wants "Harry your so big" I slide into her as she moans "Oh Harry!"  We start to move rapidly the bed sqeeking hitting the wall then.... CRASH!!! the bed breaks but we keep going. "Harry im about to explode!" "Hold it Em on the count of three 1..2..3" "uhhhhhh!" we both moan in unison. Dropping onto the bed breathless our breathing uncontrolable "I love you Em" "" she says breathless.

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